Order the recording of this 90-minute step-by-step introductions to how to build a web-based
Marriage Resource Center for your Community Healthy Marriage Initiative and   $15 on
CD or MP3 format at 800-241-7785

> 755-518
> Harness the Internet: Marriage Resource Centers
> Dennis Stoica, MBA, Aaron Larson
> Learn how to build a website for your own marriage project or an
> easy-to-implement Community Marriage Resource Center. Increase access to local
> marriage programs. Includes templates and instructions.

> 755-618

> Grant Writing and Evaluation
> Bill Coffin, MA, Dennis Stoica, MBA
> Understand the fine points of grant writing and program evaluation in order to
> qualify for government Community Healthy Marriage Initiative grants.

Additional sessions that will help you strengthen marriage in your community, all 90-mins and
available at 800-241-7785:

> 755-818 ­ Marriage Rally
> Transforming Communities Grassroots Style
> Julie Baumgardner, MA, Nisa Muhammad, Bill Seabrook, MS, Carolyn Curtis, PhD
> Learn what communities across the country are doing to strengthen marriage and
> how you can follow their lead. Brainstorm about opportunities ­ free media,
> the web, funding, volunteers, creating buy-in, measuring outcome -- and how to
> avoid the stumbling blocks.

> 755-218
> Marketing Chattanooga Style
> Julie Baumgardner, MS
> Learn strategies that use both paid and free advertising to get out the
> message about marriage, fathering and abstinence and increase participation in
> community marriage events and classes.

> 755-213
> Community Marriage Policies (CMPs)
> Mike and Harriet McManus
> Learn how you can organize a CMP with the clergy in your area and how to
> recruit and train Mentor Couples who can cut divorce rates in any congregation
> to near zero.

> 755-316
> Talking with State Legislators and Officials about Marriage
> Jack Tweedie, JD, PhD, Sen Bill Hardiman, John Crouch, JD
> Learn to provide compelling information on the benefits and feasibility of
> supporting marriage, what other states have accomplished and discuss new
> legislative templates.

> 755-514
> Tapping Into The Extension Network
> Francesca Adler-Baeder, PhD, Barbara Petty, MS, Charlotte Olsen, PhD, Anna Mae
> Kobbe, PhD
> USDA Extension¹s vast network of educators, researchers and
> teach-right-out-of-the-box, highly affordable marriage programs stand ready to
> help strengthen your community marriage efforts.

> 755-515
> Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
> Black Marriage Day Celebrations ­ Nisa Muhammad

> 755-517
> Research and Evaluation: The Basics
> Scott Gardner, PhD, Rita DeMaria, PhD
> Anyone doing marriage education should be tracking results and measuring
> outcome. Learn the basic tools and concepts you need to get started.

> 755-712
> Promoting Marriage in Mainline and Liberal Congregations
> Jana Staton, PhD, Ed Santana-Grace, PhD, Patricia Rich, MSW
> Turn resistance into enthusiasm for spiritual and skill-based marriage
> initiatives. Identify political and theological constraints and brainstorm
> strategies for getting ambivalent congregations on board.

> 755-718
> Does It Make a Difference?
> Bill Coffin, MA, Mark Fucello, MA
> Progress report on ongoing government initiatives to evaluate marriage
> education curricula for low income populations with applications to your
> Community Healthy Marriage Initiatives.

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