Importing Orange County�s website using Microsoft FrontPage

When I developed the website for the Orange County Marriage Resource Center,
the software that I used was CuteSITE Builder.  When I originally demonstrated
the website and offered to make this available to other people who were interested
in developing a similar website for their community, I suggested that people
purchase the same software I had used so that our files would be completely
compatible.  Since then I have received instructions from two people who use
Microsoft FrontPage as to how the OCMRC website can also work with that software.

If you already own FrontPage and are comfortable with it, it may make sense for you
to use that software.  If not, you will probably want to use the CuteSITE Builder software
simply because the step-by-step instructions I provide in my other articles assume
the use of that software.  Please understand that this is not meant as an endorsement
of one product over another since I have not compared the various products available.
 Nor do I receive any financial gain from your use of either product.

This article consists of two e-mails I received describing how people who have Microsoft
FrontPage were able to use that software to import the OCMRC website into FrontPage.  The first
e-mail is from Dick Cronk from Dayton, Ohio and the second one is from Pastor Anthony Smith
from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My thanks go to both of these gentlemen for their generosity
in sharing these instructions with me, and by extension, now with you.

E-mail #1 - from Dick Cronk:
Good morning Dennis,

I attended the Smartmarriages Conference in Reno and was very inspired by your
presentation during lunch on Sunday about the Orange County Marriage Resource Center.
I want to create something like that to promote marriage resources around the State of Ohio.

I am the webmaster for . I used Microsoft FrontPage web
creation software to create it.   During your presentation, you recommended people purchase
the CiteSITE web building software package, and then import your site, located at . Then, the people could easily modify it to fit their own needs.
I like the design of your site.  It is well organized.  It has the marriage information presented
in useful categories.  And, it follows the guidelines of not cluttering a site with sophisticated
graphics that take a long time to download.  During the web design class I attended, I learned
of surveys that said 70% of the web users are searching for information and don't like
sophisticated graphics because they take a long time to load.

I experimented with Microsoft FrontPage and found it had the capability to import the
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) code of your website.  So, if anyone has already
purchased and use Microsoft FrontPage, they do not need to purchase CuteSITE.
The instructions for importing the Orange County Marriage Resource Center into
Microsoft FrontPage follow:

Click on File
Click on New
Click on Page or Web
Click on Import Web Wizard
Since Import Web Wizard is highlighted, click OK
Now you are in the Import Web Wizard:
In the choose source box, click on From Worldwide Web
In the location box, enter
In the download amount box, use the default values
Follow the remaining instructions.  Have in mind a file name where you want
to save the code on your computer.

At this point, you are ready to edit the copy of the Orange County Marriage Resource Center
code just as you demonstrated during your presentation.

Hope this information helps. I've got the Ohio Marriage Resource Center (
up and running if you or others would like to check it out.

Working for strong marriages
Dick & Carol Cronk, Lay Directors
Christian Life Center Marriage Builders Ministry, Dayton, OH

E-mail #2 - from Pastor Anthony Smith in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Grace and peace be unto you.
This website stuff is really as easy as you presented in Chattanooga.  I was able to get our
website up and rolling within days of meeting you.  Thanks for being so kind and informative.
I have some good news regarding your OC template.  For anyone using FrontPage, all they
have to do is open up a blank page from within the program and import the template for OCMarriage
directly from your website.  It took me a whole 5 minutes to do it and it is completely editable
from within FrontPage. Here are the steps that I took: (Note: I use FrontPage 2002)

1) Open FrontPage and select "Import Web Wizard" which is located in the
Task Pane on the right side

2) A Dialog Box will open, then select "Import Web Wizard" from the various
selections that you will see and select "ok or next"

3)  The next Dialog Box will ask you about the source from which you desire
to import; enter as the location from the web and select "next"

4) The next Dialog Box will have a few check boxes which allow you to limit how
much you want to import; you should clear all of the checkboxes and select "next"

5)  The next Dialog Box will congratulate you on answering the questions,
select "finish" and FrontPage will handle the rest.

6) A Dialog Box may popup asking about replacing the index.htm file, select "yes"

7) When FrontPage is finished you will have the complete OCMarriage template
that you can edit, delete, and manipulate to your liking.  Note:  FrontPage works
like Microsoft Word in that you can find and replace words like Orange County,
and other words to customize the template for your area

8) Final note, since the Orange County website was created with a different program,
you have to select the words you desire to replace prior to performing the complete
find and replace;  find and replace also allows you to search every page at once to minimize time

I can�t thank you enough, you are such a blessing.  I will let you know when
Milwaukee�s Healthy Marriage Initiative site is up for display.  You may find that it looks a lot like yours.  Smile!
Pastor Anthony Smith
Parklawn Christian Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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