Judging by the evaluations, women, girls, mothers just generally love this conference - it's all about relationships. Here are just a few that are more finely targeted.

These workshops & Keynotes will be recorded live at the
14th Annual 2010 Smart Marriages Conference and will be available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

Lunch-Thurs, July 8 - 11:45am-1:30pm
"Women: Why Marriage?!"
Pat Love, Nisa Muhammad, Helen LaKelly Hunt, and Patty Howell
Learn why Healthy Marriages should be the rallying cry for women's
empowerment and why Marriage Education is the needed breakthrough for women
and girls – and for creating an enlightened society.

8:45pm, Thurs, July 8
Secrets of Great Relationships for a Lifetime of Love
Scott Haltzman, MD
Learn the fundamentals for establishing a close relationship
with a partner, appreciate essential differences between the
needs of guys and gals, and how to seal the deal for a successful
marriage. For singles, or single again.

P-3 Friday, July 9, 12 noon
Awards Luncheon Plenary
Amanda's 39th Birthday
Miriam Grossman, MD
There is an epidemic of infertility in our country, an epidemic – along
with the heartache and expense that accompanies it – that is is 100%
avoidable. Yet health providers and sex educators fail to teach young
women the truths about fertility; they focus exclusively on the
prevention and termination of pregnancy.

B-Friday, July 9, 7pm
Becoming Better Husbands
Bill Doherty, PhD
We all know how it works - women are the relational leaders; men take their cues from
their wives or resist their lead. Learn about working with men who want to become
better husbands using a unique group experience whereby men learn to focus on
self-change without asking their wives to change, and without even asking their wives
to help them change – a bottom up strategy by which men define their own goals. 

The Five Love Languages – TOOB
Gary Chapman, PhD
Help couples learn to speak their spouses’
“love language”, make the transition from the
“in love” to the “covenant love” stage and avoid
the trap of getting the “tingles” for someone
other than their spouse.
Mindful Marriage
Pat Love, EdD, Jon Carlson, PsyD
Learn to apply mindfulness techniques, practiced
for over 2500 years, as an add-on to marriage
counseling or education to increase awareness,
kindness, acceptance, and love.
The Future of Monogamy
Peggy Vaughan
It's time to tackle the patterns of serial marriage
and serial/temporary monogamy that threaten to
make long-term marriage almost obsolete. Q & A
about affairs, monogamy and future strategies.
1-2-3 Magic
Tom Phelan, PhD
Teach parents easy-to-follow steps for disciplining
kids ages 2-12 without arguing, yelling or spanking
and when – and how – silence can speak louder
than words.
Money Habitudes: The Last Taboo – TOOB
Syble Solomon, MEd
A unique card deck gives instant, life-changing
insights into attitudes about money. Teach groups,
use with individuals, couples, youth, or add to any
marriage program.
Heart Rhythm Practice
Dan McMannis, MEd, Jana Staton, PhD
Teach couples a new way to reduce stress, heal
old wounds, increase trust, optimism and connection
by synchronizing heart, body & brain in a positive,
energetic state. Experiential.

Through Sickness
Hank Sibbing, JD, MS, Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD
Illness can strike any time, but as we age sickness
increases and marriage becomes less about fun and
romance and more about survival and coping. Learn
crucial deep love practices to help couples deal with
these life changes.
Hot Monogamy: The Sexy Brain
Pat Love, EdD
A sexy brain is not only the cure for the lazy libido but
it's all you need to create an exciting love life. Come
learn the basics – as well as the secrets of sexually
satisfied couples.
Affairs: Step-by-Step to Recovery
Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW
There isn’t one right approach, but it helps to have a
map of the territory. How much disclosure? What should
you do when the affair is on-going? Learn a flexible
approach that works!
Active Parenting Makes Strong Marriages – TOOB
Michael Popkin, PhD, Merrilie Rackham, MS, CFLE
Parenting stresses marriage. Learn how to add effective,
easy-to-teach parenting education to your marriage
classes to bring couples in the door.
IMAGO Dialogue
Harville Hendrix PhD, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
Structured dialogue, the very core of the powerful
Imago model, helps couples learn to switch from
monologue to dialogue and from judgment to
curiosity and affirmation to make important
new love connections. Experiential.
Ecstasy Without Guilt
Joe Beam
Understand the inherent causes of “low” and “no”
sex marriages and an approach to help more
“conservative” couples find excitement and fulfillment.
ScreamFree Marriage
Hal Runkel, MS
A revolutionary program that helps couples
calm down, grow up, and get closer by learning
to embrace conflict and practice a calm
self-representation as foundations of a
great marriage.
Positivity Transforms Relationships
Vagdevi Meunier, PsyD
Use Positive Psychology concepts to help
couples build gratitude, compassion, curiosity,
admiration, and other approach-oriented skills
to transform relationships and boost satisfaction
and success.
Mars and Venus: Grief and Loss
John Gray, PhD
The loss of a loved one – partner, parent, child
– can be the most challenging experience of a
lifetime. While loss is inevitable, suffering is not.
Learn strategies to help Mars & Venus (they
grieve differently) recover.
The Miracle of Connection
Hedy Schleifer, MA
Seven principles and practices will change
the way you think about relationships and help
you guide couples to embrace differences, harness
passion, and deepen connections.
Secrets of Happily Married Women
Scott Haltzman, MD
Help wives become energized and find
contentment in the face of the challenges of
balancing feminist ideals, traditional roles,
work, self, kids, and well-intentioned advice
about having it all.

Parenting From the Heart
Dan McMannis, MEd
Teach parents simple methods to activate their
heart-brain connection and help foster bonding
and attachment, manage stress, improve learning,
and restore energy and optimism.

Forgiveness for Real
Terry Hargrave, PhD
Genuine forgiveness must begin by healing
the pain caused by violations of trust and
love. A clear-cut approach illustrated with
case examples includes tools for dealing
with cutoffs, lying, betrayal, and affairs.
Deep Friendship/Shared Goals
Blaine Fowers, PhD, Tatyana Fertelmeyster, MA
Learn exercises to foster deep friendship, the
keystone to a vibrant, lasting marriage. Spousal
friends bring out the best in each other, want
the best for each other, and pursue shared goals.

Blending Sexual Meanings
Michael Metz, PhD
Heal couples fractured due to problems with male
sexuality: porn, strip clubs, etc. by integrating
sexual meaning more deeply into the marriage
to strengthen cohesion and promote intimacy.
How To Avoid Falling For A Jerk – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
Great marriages begin long before the
wedding. Learn the 5 keys to successful
mate-selection, and how to avoid the
"love is blind" attachment-syndrome.
For singles, or single again.
ScreamFree Parenting – TOOB
Hal Runkel, MS, Neil McNerney, MEd
Learn to stay calm and connected to your
children and how you can do the same in
all your relationships. ScreamFree is Bowen
family-systems theory applied to today’s families.

Crazy About You: Scorched-Earth Love
Steven Stosny, PhD
Jealousy is a crucial emotional "signal." But when
perverted through blame and control, it can cause
psychosis, misery and divorce. Discover the road
to understanding and healing.
Marital Sex As it Ought to Be
Barry McCarthy, PhD
When it's good, it’s great. When it's bad or
non-existent, it's a bummer. Learn what it takes
to have great marital sex – intimate and erotic –
and how to prevent and resolve sexual problems.
Infertility: Hope and Healing
Montse Casado-Kehoe, PhD
Infertility can devastate and destroy a marriage.
Help couples understand and manage the emotional,
financial, spiritual, psychological, and sexual
stress, conflict, and decision making.

Healthy Lifestyles = Healthy Relationships
Pamela Holtzman, RN, MSW
There’s lots more to it than communication skills.
Learn nutrition, exercise, and stress management
“skills” that are proven to reduce burnout &
depression and increase happiness, well-being,
& love.
Staying Present
Karen Sherman, PhD
Is your relationship in trouble because of old baggage?
Learn tricks to stop reacting to old injuries – often
unconsciously – and to live and love in the present. 
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