World Class Marriage (WCM) is a 16-hour skills-based curriculum developed by internationally-esteemed trainers, authors and married partners, Patty Howell and Ralph Jones.  WCM is a 16-hour course built upon the divorce/success research by John Gottman and Carl Rogers’s research on the three conditions that promote growth, and Howell & Jones’s World Class Marriage book that has been published in 11 countries.  World Class Marriage teaches couples “16 Pillars” that are concrete ways they can avoid the divorce predictors and pump into their relationship the ingredients that promote closeness, caring and cooperation.  Fun and easy to teach, with a highly-lauded Instructor Guide, the course is appropriate for couples at any age or stage in their relationship and it gets unusually high approval ratings from men.  Preliminary data from the statewide Outcome Evaluation study conducted by the California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC) shows outstanding results and CHMC now views World Class Marriage as its strongest “launch” curriculum.  Classes of more than 100 participants are not uncommon, especially among Hispanics.  The curriculum fulfills all the Federal requirements for Healthy Marriage grantees and can be taught on two levels of 8-hours each (counting as two courses).
This three-day Institute provides you with an opportunity to experience the course and its impact on your relationship (you are encouraged but not required to attend with your partner), be able to speak from personal experience as you talk about the course to others, and qualifies you to teach the World Class Marriage course. 

Completion of this 3-day institute qualifies you as an authorized instructor of  World Class Marriage, an evidence-based curriculum that’s getting rave reviews in California and is a powerful launch course for marriage programming.  Strong preliminary outcome data. Fun and easy to teach.  Attracts large groups, including Hispanics.
Structure of the World Class Marriage class:
The Instructor introduces each of the 16 Pillars through a lecturette from the Instructor Guide. Then participants do an exercise in their Workbooks or a skill practice exercise which helps them apply the Pillar directly to their relationship.  Next is a structured opportunity for couples to share with each other whatever they wish to from their experience with this Pillar—with instructions both for the sender and for the receiver.  This is followed by a general discussion and debriefing.  The classroom environment is safe, sharing is always optional, and the learning process is fun and exciting.   

What you will receive:
In addition to three great days of training from the program co-developers and an experienced Hispanic Instructor, you will receive a complete Instructor Kit ($350 value), including:
1)  150-page World Class Marriage Instructor Guide that supports you step-by-step in teaching the World Class Marriage course—considered by California Healthy Marriages Coalition President Dennis Stoica “the best Marriage Education Facilitator Guide I’ve ever seen”; 
2)  PowerPoints C/D;
3)  WCM Participant Workbook
4)  The highly-readable and much-praised World Class Marriage textbook.
“World Class Marriage has wisdom that will help every relationship flourish— with your spouse, family, coworkers, friends.  This is an outstanding read!” - Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., Author of Getting the Love You Want, Co-founder of Imago Relationship Therapy  
5)  Samples of professionally-designed WCM marketing materials customizable and available at bulk rates. 
All materials available in English or Spanish.  Quality of Spanish translation is universally considered excellent.
Who should attend:
Marriage Educators looking for a solid, fun course that draws the public and helps couples of all ages and stages, clergy looking for a strong launch program for their marriage ministry, therapists and other helping professionals looking for an alternative way to reach and support couples, couples looking to move their relationship to the next level of closeness and satisfaction, singles hoping to learn skills to use in their relalationship.
What you will be able to do:
The 3-day Institute will qualify you as a World Class Marriage Instructor
and equip you with the complete Instructor Kit and access to professionally-designed marketing materials developed through the California Healthy Marriages Coalition that you can customize with your contact information and purchase for bulk rates.  The Institute will give you experience and confidence in teaching the WCM course and the Instructor materials and participant materials will strongly support your success. 
About Patty Howell: Patty Howell has 30 years experience teaching relationship skills and train-the-trainer workshops to more than 3,500 people in 14 countries around the world.  She is Vice President of Operations and Media Relations for the California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC) and serves as Project Manager of their Federally-funded Healthy Marriages Demonstration Grant.  Patty and her husband, Ralph Jones, have had more than 30 years enjoying the benefits of a world-class marriage.  They had been so regularly pestered to share the secret of their marital success that they wrote “World Class Marriage”, which has been published in 11 countries, and developed the WCM program that has been taught to great acclaim in the U.S., Mexico, Korea, Holland and Italy.  Patty is the author of many professional publications including the “Healthy Marriages” booklet series for which she is a 2010 recipient of the Smart Marriages Impact Award.
About Ralph Jones: Ralph has been a Master Trainer of relationship skills on four continents for over thirty years, specializing in working with couples, parents and business leaders. As the Director of Overseas Operations for Effectiveness Training International, he was responsible for the establishment and support of twenty-five overseas representatives of Dr. Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training program.  Married to Patty Howell with whom he founded Howell-Jones Trainings and the Marriage Education Institute, Ralph is co-author of World Class Marriage and the World Class Marriage Workshop for couples.  He works for the California Healthy Marriages Coalition doing bookkeeping, HR and teaching World Class Marriages classes and Train-the-Facilitator Workshops.
About David D’Leon: David is a Spanish-language native who is highly enthusiastic about World Class Marriage which he has taught to more than 1,500 couples in California and Mexico within the past two years.  David holds a  Ph.D. in Theology and BE in Information Systems, and is founder/director of Happy Families and a professor at San Diego Christian University and International Biblical College  He has worked with broken marriages and dysfunction families for more than 20 years, and regularly teaches WCM classes with more than 100 participants and where the class size continues to build each session due to word of mouth.  David has also mastered the art of using World Class Marriage as a launch program for other Marriage Education curricula.
Evaluation comments from leading Marriage Educators:
“World Class Marriage is profound as well as fun, and presents a wide range of skills that all couples benefit from.  Even years later, my wife and I are still grateful for what we learned in WCM.”  --Dennis Stoica, President California Healthy Marriages Coalition
“World Class Marriage is a tremendous and quite practical course that is very easy to apply.  Its 16 Pillars are extraordinary for helping Hispanic couples move toward a fantastic and happy marriage.  Take it with an open heart.”--Bishop John Sanchez, Apostolic Assembly; Executive Director:  San  Diego North County Latino Healthy Marriage and Family Resource Center
"We’ve had large attendance at our World Class Marriage workshops—with one having more than 250 participant!"--Ron McLain, Executive Director Healthy Marriage Coalition of Fresno/Madera County
“Korean family ministry leaders feel deeply enriched by the gorgeous vision of World Class Marriage constructed upon the 16 Pillars.  We are eager to deliver the beautiful gift of WCM to all Koreans.” --Dr. Eun Soon Yang, President HIS University

“The many divorce proceedings that have been halted, the more than 1,500 couples that have been transformed in San Diego and Mexico in just one year speaks to us about the profound impact the World Class Marriage program has had within the Hispanic community.  The secret of this program’s success is that it both teaches its participants in a simple way, and touches the core of their relationships: their hearts.” --David D’Leon, Director Happy Families
Evaluation comments from World Class Marriage participants:
"My husband and I can't thank you enough for giving of yourselves this weekend.  It was the best 15 hours we have ever invested in our marriage."

"After having seen one counselor (marriage) at great expense for weeks, the skills taught in this class fixed problems and gave us confidence we can have a successful marriage--something the counselor didn't give us."
"Get the word out about this valuable workshop--you guys would definitely be millionaires."
"Clear tools & how to use them... We have hope now!"
"Great, comforting, and positive experience. Even my husband liked it and stayed tuned in the whole time! Would recommend it!"

"(My husband) and I feel like newlyweds again and we are certainly better listeners... Thank you for what you do."

"Every couple should consider attending this weekend workshop BEFORE getting married or having children--the tools stay with you forever."
"It allowed me to dig deeper than before to understand how to manage my relationship with my partner. Understand how my partner feels and what I can do myself to improve our relationship."
"It was really calming to know that many couples struggle with the same issues I do. The room became a safe, warm & caring environment to learn."

"Thank you! Although we've been married for 21 years, this was the 'shot in the arm' we needed... As we approach 'empty nest syndrome' we can feel a new commitment to each other."

"It was valuable to address issues without being confronted or have to disclose a lot.  We could learn skills and do the rest on our own."  

"I really enjoyed the mix of listening, individual, group, couple, interactive, quizzes, activities in the class. The combination of activities was engaging and enjoyable."

"I understand my fiancee better and am coming out feeling like we had our first truly intimate connection."

"I thought it was a really wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day weekend. I am really appreciative of my partner and glad to spend time working on keeping our relationship strong."  

"I believe I have found that ultimate connection between my partner and myself that I have been looking for... I am optimistic that this workshop has jump-started a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment."

"The method--16 pillars supported by 3 conditions to grow--is very logical and well thought out. We found that we already did some well, but learned skills for the 7 we want to improve on."

"You have a fabulous information-packed program."  

"I liked that we have a lot of interaction with our spouse during the workshop and it wasn't just listening to trainers.  We actually got to try out the skills with our partner."

"I want to thank you for a fabulous weekend.  My wife and I have both had our share of counseling with all we've been through and find it to be extremely beneficial.  Your program is packed with much wisdom and techniques as well as your own expertise, perspective and personal touch.  I found it very enjoyable, non-threatening, informative and helpful."
"I was not looking forward to it, but I am glad I went and I feel we both grew as a couple."

"I can stop the negative behaviors that affect our marriage."

"World Class Marriage gave me ideas on better ways to communicate with my husband, children, family, friends, and colleagues.  It's a course in 'World Class Living'."

"I would pay any amount for this workshop.  I could not afford to miss it."
3/17/2010 - News from Mexico!
Dear Diane,
Exciting news about World Class Marriage.  David D'Leon, who will teach the
World Class Marriage Pre-Conference Institute with us, just got back from
teaching World Class Marriage to more than 1,300 people in and around Mexico
City--to such a great response that he's been invited back to do a WCM
workshop for the entire city of Puebla.  They're planning to hold it in the
local baseball stadium in June or July and they expect 15,000 - 20,000
participants! Ralph and I have been invited to join.

Another city is so excited (I think it's Positlan) that the mayor plans to
sponsor World Class Marriage and hold the workshop in city hall.

We've had tremendous success with WCM among Hispanics here in California,
but this takes things to a whole new level!  We'll post updates as they
happen on our website:   and also
invite everyone to become a fan of our Facebook World Class Marriage page.

Patty Howell

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