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A New Beginning/Marriage Intensives - Family Dynamics Institute
A Marriage Intensive workshop developed by Family Dynamics Institute.  A New Beginning is a 3-day, turnaround workshop led by trained marriage counselors with a success rate of over 75% for saving marriages in crisis. Workshops are conducted throughout the United States and can be arranged in...
Beyond Affairs Network - Passionate Life Seminars - Bercht
BAN is an International Support Group with local chapters for people recovering from the devastating experience of a spouse's affair. Anne is author of My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, now also available on audio. Anne and Brian offer seminars, retreats,...
First Things First (FTF): Chattanooga/Julie Baumgardner
This not-for-profit organization in Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN) is dedicated to strengthening families through community education, research, skills training, media outreach, networking and collaboration. Through partnerships with more than 80 local and national organizations, FTF works with all...
Marriage Helper - Joe Beam
Marriage Helper is a highly successful process that helps couples get past their problems and fall in love all over again. We have a proven record of saving 3 out of 4 marriages, as researched by Dr. Jim Grayson at Augusta State University, even if one spouse doesn't want to save...
Marriage Transformation - Susanne Alexander
Empowering individuals and couples to create happy, lasting, character-based marriages through careful and skillful relationship and marriage enrichment. We offer coaching (Skype), workshops, keynotes, and helpful books and materials for individuals, couples, and professionals. Laugh Together, Stay...
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