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Beyond Affairs Network - Passionate Life Seminars - Bercht
BAN is an International Support Group with local chapters for people recovering from the devastating experience of a spouse's affair. Anne is author of My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, now also available on audio. Anne and Brian offer seminars, retreats,...
Infinite Relationships/ Classes in Madison, WI area/Don Ferguson PhD
Couples counseling and education combined for the fastest, most effective help. Complete evaluations, weekend workshops, evening seminars, groups, counseling and intensive sessions for all kinds of relationships.  Don Ferguson, PhD, author of Reptiles in Love, developed programs based on...
Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Seminars: Mark Gungor
Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is a wildly entertaining and informative event designed to bring hope and positive change to your marriage, improve communication, help your spouse truly understand you and your needs and rekindle the romance in your marriage. No workbooks,...
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