ALL the sessions and programs presented at Smart Marriages can, and are, being
used in the Black Community. Listed below are workshops of special interest for
with African Americans.

Join the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative
Roundtables on Friday & Saturday mornings, 7:30am.
Bring a bagel and coffee
and learn what others are doing in their settings. Just show up, your conference
badge is your admission ticket. Hosted by Diann Dawson, director of the
African American Healthy Marriage Initiative. See room locator at conference.

Also attend the Film Festival featuring You Saved Me by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler at
7:30pm Wed July 7th at the Shingle Creek. Meet the producers, join the discussion,
and learn how to use the film in your community. Free if you're registered for the conference. 

These workshops & Keynotes will be recorded live at the
14th Annual 2010 Smart Marriages Conference and will be available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

Training Institutes highly intensive, skills-focused - will not be recorded. 


Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
Diann Dawson, JD, MSW, Nisa Muhammad, Tera Hurt, PhD, Joe Jones
Black Marriage Day, community leadership, getting
denominations and organizations on board, fatherhood,
kids, special curricula – brainstorm ideas for revitalizing
Black marriages.

Basic Training: Men, Women and Marriage – TOOB
Rozario Slack, DMin, Nisa Muhammad
Two straight-talking curricula developed in the crucible
of the Black experience. Teach Black men and women
the principles and skills to create and sustain successful
Establishing a Marriage Ministry in Your Church
Richard Albertson, Rob Harrison, MA
Learn about the rich variety of effective, affordable,
mentor-based, easy-to-teach programs, do’s and don’ts,
and roadmaps for success.

Why Knot? Marriage-Readiness for Men – TOOB
Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA
This program addresses the negative beliefs and
attitudes many men hold about marriage and moves
men and single fathers to a positive “readiness” view
of marriage.
Army Community Covenants
Michael Strohm, MDiv, Laura DeFrancisco,
Kelly Simpson, MA, Elizabeth Carroll, JD, CFLE
Strong marriages and families make for a strong
fighting force. The Army can’t do it alone. Learn how
civilian marriage & community programs can provide
support, especially with Guard and Reserve, but also
with active duty families.
The Building Strong Families Research
Robin Dion, MA
Understand the first round of rigorous research
evidence on how low-income unmarried couples were
affected by eight Building Strong Family (BSF)
relationship-strengthening programs.
Family Wellness: Skills for Fragile Families
George Doub, MDiv, Erin Simile, MS
Teach skills to at-risk families – never-married,
teen, single parent, stepfamily, military, those
with abuse – to handle extraordinary challenges
and move toward greater stability.
The Prayer Journal – TOOB
Scott Stanley, PhD, Tera Hurt, PhD,
Regero Sampson, MSW
Create powerful, lasting change by engaging
deeper meaning systems. Use with individuals
or couples, in counseling or education, as an
add-on to any program, in couples, men’s groups, etc.
The Legacy Campaign
Rozario Slack, DMin, MDiv
We must stop the epidemic of fathering out of
sequence! Learn the tools to engage and teach
urban males Manhood first. Husbandhood second.
THEN fatherhood!

For Christian Lovers Only – TOOB
Clarence Walker, PhD, Ja’Ola Walker, MEd, DD
Work with African American marriages using
this 3-part Bible and research-based program
in church or community settings – intimacy
retreats, skills, skits, music, & group discussions.
Fatherhood and Marriage Education
Gil Coleman, Rita DeMaria, PhD
This program combines responsible fatherhood
& healthy marriage education for delivery to
low-income individuals and couples and was
designed based on interviews with fathers
and providers.

Hitched (or Not) & Hatching
Jennifer Baker, PsyD, Derek Gwinn, MA, CFLE
Expectant parents are busy. Learn a realistic
alternative to multi-week programs – a fun-filled,
super-charged class that delivers a full-day of
relationship education. Involve community
sponsors for extra oomph.
ProSAAM: Strong African American Marriages – TOOB
Tera Hurt, PhD, Regero Sampson, MSW
Learn how to deliver this PREP-based, innovative
program to African American couples. Includes
effects of racism, using prayer for conflict
resolution and growth, and retention.

Suiting Up
Calvin Williams, Jeff Erlacher, MA, Lief Noll, PhD
This newest PREP program strengthens men to
master the complex issues facing 21st century
fathers and includes exercises to evaluate choices
& consequences and set goals that are within their reach.  
Making Music in Your Marriage – TOOB
Nisa Muhammad, Jamil Muhammad
This program uses pop, country and R & B to teach
the benefits of marriage & how to improve communication,
manage conflict, and deepen commitment. As seen on
CNN’s Black in America.
Prison Re-entry Programs
Teach marriage, relationship, & fatherhood skills
to strengthen families and reduce recidivism, plus
how to sell the idea to local officials; funding and evaluation.
Keeping FAITH (Families And Inmates Together in Harmony)
- Ron & Cathy Tijerina
Inside/Out Dads - Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA - TOOB
PREP & Pick-A-Partner in Michigan prisons - TOOB
- Kelly Sigler, Jim Sheridan, JD, MBA
7 Habits for 24/7 Dads – TOOB
Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA
This new program based on the Covey 7 Habits
model, helps men become responsible, committed
dads. Includes exercises, recruitment & implementation
strategies for a variety of settings.
10 Great Dates for Black Couples – TOOB
Rozario Slack, DMin, Angela Slack, MD
This program combines fun dates and marriage
skills – and appeals to men! Based on the proven
insights of the Arps' 10 Great Dates program.
Teach in your church or community.

Marriage Rally: Teach-In
Transforming Communities Grassroots Style
Julie Baumgardner, MA, Nisa Muhammad
Learn what communities across the country
are doing to strengthen marriage and how you
can get started. Brainstorm about opportunities
– free media, the web, funding, volunteers, creating
buy-in – and how to avoid the stumbling blocks.


13th Annual 2009 Smart Marriages Conference and are available now on
DVD, CD or MP3 downloads (listen instantly) at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
Diann Dawson, JD, MSW, Nisa Muhammad,
Patrick Patterson, MSW, MPH, Rozario Slack, DMin
Black Marriage Day, community leadership, getting
denominations and organizations on board, fatherhood,
kids, special curricula – brainstorm ideas for revitalizing
Black marriages.

Taking it to the Streets
Gena Ellis, MS
Adapt any marriage education program to relate to the Hip Hop
Generation (ages 14-35). Use music & movies to build rapport
and create waiting lists through word of mouth buzz! 

Reaching Men
Lorraine Blackman, PhD
Teach men how to make their good thing better: Lessons from
re-entry, addiction and fatherhood programs using the African
American Marriage Enrichment programs for couples and parents.

The 10 Rites of Passage
Charles Lee-Johnson, MSW
This abstinence, fatherhood and marriage education
program teaches at-risk youth responsibility to self, family
and community with a focus on long-term life goals.

Healthy Marriage = Healthy Women & Girls
Patty Howell, EdM, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
What do we want? Healthy Marriage! What do we need? Healthy
Marriage! Learn why Healthy, Stable Marriage should be the rallying
cry for the women’s movement and for anyone who cares about women’s
These sessions were recorded live at the

11th Annual 2007 Smart Marriages Conference and are available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

P-3 Keynote: Smart Marriages Impact Award recipient:
Black Marriage Day - Fri June 29, on DVD, CD or MP3

Nisa Muhammad
Black Marriage Day spearheaded and anchors the growing national movement
that invites the Black Community to reconsider marriage. It brings a wealth
of marriage strengthening resources to the people – to those most in need
and, yet, who have had the least access. More and more community and faith
organizations, grass roots activists, and lay educators are joining the
ranks, determined to make a difference. Learn how you and your community can
get on board.

Celebrating Black Marriages: Arusi Style
Andrew and Terri Lyke
Experience rituals and symbols of the African American
Christian community to make your marriage all that it can
be - define your marriage mission and path. Married, engaged,
dating or singles.


The sessions listed below were recorded live at the
10th Annual 2006 Smart Marriages Conference and are available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

Keynote: Message to Our Sons**** - on DVD, CD, MP3
Rozario Slack, DMin
Today's young men need their fathers and their elders to step up to the plate
and tell them the truth. They need their fathers and elders to stop standing
silently by and letting them continue to make critical mistakes. Men must tell
their sons, nephews, friends, and brothers that it takes a real man to create a
high-quality, life-long marriage and family. That there is no greater or more
manly accomplishment. Old men must teach young men that marriage is the glue,
the crucial factor if we are to save the village. This is what men must do.


Plus for a quick review of programs, issues and the collected wisdom on Black Marriage and
Families from past Smart Marriages Conferences, order the very SPECIAL package "Strengthening
Marriage in the Black Community - 15 sessions: 10 DVD and 5 CD presentations for ONLY $89
($315 if purchased individually). Order package #75-bc1 at 800-241-7785 or at

The 10 DVDs are perfect to show at marriage strengthening events in congregations or communities -
and they will be great discussion/conversation starters. They also make great classroom teaching tapes.
In addition to the DVD videos, the set also includes audio CDs of 5 ninety-minute workshops.

This set has it all - the challenges, history, programs, hip hop, humor, controversy - and a whole bunch
of inspiration and optimism. It lets you sample speakers you might want to invite into your community
for your own events. You'll learn about planting a seed, building with the storm in mind, a whole new
version of active listening and a whole bunch of teaching examples and ideas. One white judge does
sneak in (we couldn't edit him out as he was part of the presentation with Judge Helen Brown of Detroit
as they took turns at the mic, but he's a family court judge with a whole lot of it's a case of here
comes the judges.) It's also got way too much of me - especially in the first opening clip introducing
Mayor/Senator Bill Hardiman, but it's the just the way the editors did it and it's not cost effective to
redo the whole thing. Blessedly, you can fast forward easily to the parts you want to show - or skip!

To order, go to and then click on the special package.

Or, call 800-241-7785.

SPECIAL African American Marriage Collection
Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
15 sessions: on CD

Grand Rapids Community Marriage Policy...Mayor Bill Hardiman
Recorded at the 1998 Smart Marriages Conference

Team Parenting & The Fragile Families Network...Joe Jones
Recorded at the 1999 Smart Marriages Conference

Why Some People are Skeptical About the Marriage Agenda...Lorraine Blackman
Recorded at the 2001 Smart Marriages Conference

In the Community: Clinics, Courts & Classrooms...Judge Helen Brown & Judge Jim Sheridan
Recorded at the 2001 Smart Marriages Conference

Opening Remarks...Admiral Barry Black, DMin, PhD
Recorded at the 2002 Smart Marriages Conference

10 Rites of Passage: Abstinence, Fatherhood & Marriage...Charles Lee Johnson
Recorded at the 2002 Smart Marriages Conference

The Marriage Movement...Rev George Young
Recorded at the 2003 Smart Marriages Conference

Reviving Marriage in the Black Community...Rozario Slack & Nisa Muhammad
Recorded at the 2003 Smart Marriages Conference

Marriage Rally...Pastor Dion Evans
Recorded at the 2004 Smart Marriages Conference

TLC for African American Couples...Pat Dixon, PhD, MBA
Recorded at the 2004 Smart Marriages Conference

5 Audio Sessions

Takes Two : Restoring the Village...Michele Goss and Norman Jones
The strengths, beliefs, and attitudes of the African-American community and tools
from the PAIRS course build trust, intimacy, communication and strong, proud
relationships. For black singles & couples. Get on the bus!

African American Marriage Enrichment Program...Lorraine Blackman, PhD
Learn to design and implement programs specific to this population through an
educational approach.

Marriage Strengthening for Low-Income, Unmarried Parents Better Together...
Judith Charlick, PhD, Krsnanandini Dasi, Tariq Ziyad
Successes and challenges of developing and implementing this 8-session skills program.

Family Connections...Francesca Adler-Baeder, PhD, Alicia Luckie, MS
Lessons learned in one of the first federally-funded pilot projects teaching skills to unmarried parents.

Fatherhood and Marriage...Rozario Slack, DMin, George Young, MDiv, John Chacon
Marriage has proven to be the best path to successfully and continually engage fathers
in the lives of their children. Learn about fatherhood programs that integrate marriage education & promotion.

Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community...Linda Malone-Colon, George Young, PhD
Understand where we¹re coming from, where we need to go and what couples need
to get there. We'll look at history, challenges and specific ways to strengthen black marriages.

5 sessions on 5 cassettes or CDs
10 video sessions on 1 DVD

SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICE $59 on MP# or $89 on CD -
Save $315 if purchased individually
Item Number: 75-bc1

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