2010 workshops:

There will be 20 concurrent 90-min workshops in each of the six
time frames on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The public (couples &
singles) are warmly invited to attend all sessions (workshops, keynotes,
seminars, and training institutes.) 

Plus nineteen 90-min seminars
workshops Sunday afternoon, 4-5:30pm.

Pick one session from each time frame.
Workshops and Seminars are included in the conference registration fee.

If you can't attend all the sessions (too many good ones in the same timeframe),
don't worry – they
are recorded – available on CD or MP3.

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Friday Workshops, July 9, 10:15–11:45am

The Five Love Languages – TOOB
Gary Chapman, PhD
Help couples learn to speak their spouses’
“love language”, make the transition from the
“in love” to the “covenant love” stage and avoid
the trap of getting the “tingles” for someone
other than their spouse.
Mindful Marriage
Pat Love, EdD, Jon Carlson, PsyD
Learn to apply mindfulness techniques, practiced
for over 2500 years, as an add-on to marriage
counseling or education to increase awareness,
kindness, acceptance, and love.
The Couple Checkup
Peter Larson, PhD, Ron Deal, MMFT
Add this research-based online assessment to
improve premarital (dating, engaged, cohabiting),
married, or remarried programs. Free Discussion
Guides, Leader’s Guide & Group Reports.
Keeping Love Alive – TOOB
Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW
This solution-oriented, strengths-based Divorce
Busting program can help even last-ditch couples
avoid divorce, even if only one spouse attends.
Teach classes or use the techniques in your practice.
ThriveSphere – TOOB
Sherod Miller, PhD
Learn to facilitate this comprehensive cost-effective,
web-based inventory for premarital and marital
self/partner/relationship awareness. Part 2 training
online at your convenience. Usually $85, here it’s FREE.
The 7 Stages of Marriage – TOOB
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Give couples a roadmap to help them understand
the journey, anticipate the stages, and succeed at
the mission with commitment and passion intact.
Use with any marriage education program.
Celebrate Your Marriage – TOOB
Jay and Laura Laffoon
This 8-session, DVD, faith-based program teaches
5 essential actions that foster an environment of hope.
Humor driven, interactive. Use with any marriage
education program.

Smart Steps for Stepfamilies – TOOB
Brian Higginbotham, PhD
Learn key strategies to supplement any marriage
education program or create a stand-alone class
for stepcouples and children. Information for work
with ethnic minorities.

1-2-3 Magic
Tom Phelan, PhD
Teach parents easy-to-follow steps for disciplining
kids ages 2-12 without arguing, yelling or spanking
and when – and how – silence can speak louder
than words.
Healing From Upsets
Susan Heitler, PhD
Just as physical wounds need cleansing to prevent
infection, effective couple healing strategies cleanse
emotional wounds to ease hurt feelings, anger and
resentment – and also to prevent repeat episodes.
Money Habitudes: The Last Taboo – TOOB
Syble Solomon, MEd
A unique card deck gives instant, life-changing
insights into attitudes about money. Teach groups,
use with individuals, couples, youth, or add to any
marriage program.
Sex and Romance in the Biblical Marriage – TOOB
Hon Jim Sheridan, JD, MBA
Scripture describes marriage as a relationship
between equals filled with passion and love. Learn
how to put this into practice with disagreements,
sex, and the realities of lifelong marriage.
Start Smart: The 50 Year Plan – TOOB
Richard Albertson
Give couples a powerful start with a comprehensive
program that includes a new, affordable inventory,
workbooks, communication skills, finances, and
Heart Rhythm Practice
Dan McMannis, MEd, Jana Staton, PhD
Teach couples a new way to reduce stress, heal
old wounds, increase trust, optimism and connection
by synchronizing heart, body & brain in a positive,
energetic state. Experiential.

Married and Loving It – TOOB
Barbara Petty, PhD
This 5-week, skill-based program always has full
classes and waiting lists. Learn what makes the
program so successful and how to replicate it in
your community.
Love Notes – TOOB
Marline Pearson, MA
Use activities & PREP skills to reach youth 16-24
at risk for unplanned pregnancy/single parenting
to help them form healthy relationships & “get”
the connections between marriage, fatherhood &
child wellbeing.
HOPE Weekend: Educational Intensives
Rick Marks, PhD, Tabitha Staier, PhD, CFLE
This program combines attachment, communication,
emotional regulation, self-awareness and self-management
skills with principles of faith to restore marriages in crisis.
Facebook and Marriage
Jason and Kelli Krafsky
300 million people use Facebook. Take your program
to the masses by tapping its free & low-cost marketing
tools.  Plus learn how to help couples protect their
marriages from its dangers.
Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
Diann Dawson, JD, MSW, Nisa Muhammad, Tera Hurt, PhD, Joe Jones
Black Marriage Day, community leadership, getting
denominations and organizations on board, fatherhood,
kids, special curricula – brainstorm ideas for revitalizing
Black marriages.

Friday Workshops, July 9, 2-3:30pm

Love Without Hurt
Steven Stosny, PhD
Learn how to use this approach in marriage education
settings to help overcome entrenched resentment, anger,
verbal and emotional abuse BEFORE you try to teach
communication skills.

Warm Things Up!
Katherine Robredo, MSW, Maureen Griner, MA
Learn to be a great marriage educator with 20 icebreaker
activities to enliven any class and enhance group learning.
Plus tips on adult learning styles and dealing with difficult
Dating and Cohabiting Couples
Scott Stanley, PhD, Galena Rhoades, PhD
The latest research on relationship formation and
commitment identifies the most effective ways to
recruit and work with dating and cohabiting couples
and singles to impact their future marital success.
Through Sickness
Hank Sibbing, JD, MS, Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD
Illness can strike any time, but as we age sickness
increases and marriage becomes less about fun and
romance and more about survival and coping. Learn
crucial deep love practices to help couples deal with
these life changes.
10 Great Dates – TOOB
Claudia and David Arp, MSW
This widely-used program for churches & communities
combines fun with marriage skills & opens doors for
other programs! Latino, Korean. New: Before You
Say I Do version.
Basic Training: Men, Women and Marriage – TOOB
Rozario Slack, DMin, Nisa Muhammad
Two straight-talking curricula developed in the crucible
of the Black experience. Teach Black men and women
the principles and skills to create and sustain successful
Hot Monogamy: The Sexy Brain
Pat Love, EdD
A sexy brain is not only the cure for the lazy libido but
it's all you need to create an exciting love life. Come
learn the basics – as well as the secrets of sexually
satisfied couples.
Affairs: Step-by-Step to Recovery
Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW
There isn’t one right approach, but it helps to have a
map of the territory. How much disclosure? What should
you do when the affair is on-going? Learn a flexible
approach that works!
Stepfamily 911: Crisis Intervention – TOOB
Carri Taylor, Gordon Taylor, MA
First marriages and remarriages are as different as
apples and oranges. Use the right paradigm and tools
& you can calm even the hottest issues (parenting,
money, boundaries) and avert disaster.
Active Parenting Makes Strong Marriages – TOOB
Michael Popkin, PhD, Merrilie Rackham, MS, CFLE
Parenting stresses marriage. Learn how to add effective,
easy-to-teach parenting education to your marriage
classes to bring couples in the door.
Prepare-Enrich-Inspire for Teens – TOOB
Jessica Pool, MS, Amy Olson-Sigg, MA
Based on decades of (P/E) research, P-E-I explores
how relationships impact quality of life and teaches
skills necessary for teens to create healthy
relationships (now and in the future).

Coaching Couples
Joseph Hernandez, PhD, Ana Morante, MS, CFLE
People do the best they know how but still end up in
pain and disappointment. Learn and practice coaching
skills the Family Wellness way to help couples fully
enjoy each other, rather than just co-exist.
Establishing a Marriage Ministry in Your Church
Richard Albertson, Rob Harrison, MA
Learn about the rich variety of effective, affordable,
mentor-based, easy-to-teach programs, do’s and don’ts,
and roadmaps for success.

Why Knot? Marriage-Readiness for Men – TOOB
Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA
This program addresses the negative beliefs and
attitudes many men hold about marriage and moves
men and single fathers to a positive “readiness” view
of marriage.
Army Community Covenants
Michael Strohm, MDiv, Laura DeFrancisco,
Kelly Simpson, MA, Elizabeth Carroll, JD, CFLE
Strong marriages and families make for a strong
fighting force. The Army can’t do it alone. Learn how
civilian marriage & community programs can provide
support, especially with Guard and Reserve, but also
with active duty families.
Mentor-Powered Programs
For Better and For Ever - Robert Ruhnke, DMin – TOOB
Recruit and train couples to mentor the engaged in
communication, responsibility, and family-of-origin
issues. Catholic (en Espanol), Protestant & secular editions.
The Third Option - Pat Ennis, MSW – TOOB
Give couples in your church or community a 3rd Option.
Not endurance, not divorce. This enrichment/crisis group
program is on-going. Couples attend as needed.

The Building Strong Families Research
Robin Dion, MA
Understand the first round of rigorous research
evidence on how low-income unmarried couples were
affected by eight Building Strong Family (BSF)
relationship-strengthening programs.
Genograms – TOOB
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Easy-to-use tools explore family patterns (cut-offs,
legacies, addictions, etc) that influence relationships
plus 5 exercises to strengthen love and commitment.
Increase Your Website Traffic!
Elizabeth Thomas
150,000 people look online for marriage help every
month! Learn, in non-techie language and affordable
(free!) strategies, what it takes to get your website
ranked high – and reach them.
Does It Work?
Steven Harris, PhD, Andrew Daire, PhD
Anyone doing marriage education should track results
and measure outcome. Learn about both the process
and instruments – surveys, focus groups – proven
successful in a variety of settings.

Saturday Workshops, July 10, 10:15–11:45am

IMAGO Dialogue
Harville Hendrix PhD, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
Structured dialogue, the very core of the powerful
Imago model, helps couples learn to switch from
monologue to dialogue and from judgment to
curiosity and affirmation to make important
new love connections. Experiential.
Family Wellness: Skills for Fragile Families
George Doub, MDiv, Erin Simile, MS
Teach skills to at-risk families – never-married,
teen, single parent, stepfamily, military, those
with abuse – to handle extraordinary challenges
and move toward greater stability.
Reprogramming Your Relationship
Terry Hargrave, PhD
The best change is built on accurate insights
combined with skills and practice. Help couples
see into their past plus give them step-by-step
practices targeted at both cognitive and
behavioral change.
Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It!
Pat Love, EdD, Steven Stosny, PhD
Learn an approach that combines brain research
and a set of brief behaviors guaranteed to strengthen
marriage. Best of all, men can do it without feeling
they have to behave like women.
Marriage LINKS – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
LINKS (Lasting Intimacy through Nurturance,
Knowledge and Skills) teaches the Relationship
Attachment Model (RAM) for maintaining intimacy,
trust, sexuality, forgiveness and mutuality.
Sherod’s Squares
Sherod Miller, PhD
Get to the heart of a relationship in two minutes
with this powerful, engaging non-verbal technique.
Use in classes or clinical settings for uncannily
accurate assessment and intervention.
Ecstasy Without Guilt
Joe Beam
Understand the inherent causes of “low” and “no”
sex marriages and an approach to help more
“conservative” couples find excitement and fulfillment.
Beyond Affairs: Prevention and Recovery
Anne and Brian Bercht
Learn how to establish a BAN peer-to-peer
support system for betrayed spouses in your
community – designed to enhance any
affair-recovery program. 2008 Impact
Award Recipient.
Mastering the Mysteries of Stepfamilies
Nancy Landrum, MPsy
Use tools like The Nails game, True/False Quiz,
the Stepfamily House, Stumbling & Building Blocks
Guidelines to help stepcouples learn how to manage
the challenges over which they have control.

ScreamFree Marriage
Hal Runkel, MS
A revolutionary program that helps couples
calm down, grow up, and get closer by learning
to embrace conflict and practice a calm
self-representation as foundations of a
great marriage.
Positivity Transforms Relationships
Vagdevi Meunier, PsyD
Use Positive Psychology concepts to help
couples build gratitude, compassion, curiosity,
admiration, and other approach-oriented skills
to transform relationships and boost satisfaction
and success.
Mindful Way Through Alcohol Abuse
Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD
The Mindful Way, through tools like breathing
and "urge surfing", helps couples and families
achieve balance & learn either to use alcohol in
moderation or maintain their goal of abstinence. 
The Prayer Journal – TOOB
Scott Stanley, PhD, Tera Hurt, PhD,
Regero Sampson, MSW
Create powerful, lasting change by engaging
deeper meaning systems. Use with individuals
or couples, in counseling or education, as an
add-on to any program, in couples, men’s groups, etc.
The Second Half – TOOB
Claudia and David Arp, MSW
Teach empty nesters to reinvent their marriage,
avoid divorce, and make the rest the best. Great
for mentor couples to teach in church or community.
Bonus "Dates for Empty Nesters" material.
The Legacy Campaign
Rozario Slack, DMin, MDiv
We must stop the epidemic of fathering out of
sequence! Learn the tools to engage and teach
urban males Manhood first. Husbandhood second.
THEN fatherhood!
Asian-American Marriages
Paul Wu, PhD, MSW, MDiv
Understand the inter-cultural differences that
lead to conflict and a model of marriage mastery
that includes skills, spirituality, small group
Before the Falls: Divorce Reconciliation Project
Bill Doherty, PhD, Don Gordon, PhD
Divert divorcing couples using an online program
that teaches conflict resolution & cooperation skills
and engages attorneys and counselors who encourage
and teach the steps to reconciliation.

Marriage Education con Limón
Frank Fuentes, Alicia La Hoz, PsyD,
Joseph Hernandez, PhD, Enid Reyes
Understand the challenges, cultural values,
roles, and beliefs important to Latino couples
and how to strengthen Latino marriages in your
Tech Boot Camp
Marc Payan
We can't change the world unless we reach
it! Learn how to appeal to 21st century couples
by honing your skills on the free and phenomenal
Facebook and Twitter internet resources.
Establishing & Sustaining Community Marriage Initiatives
Josephine Hauer, EdD, MTS, Karen Elliott, PhD, CFLE,
Barbara Andrews, MPA, Vander Green, MS, Janice Holt, MAP,
Mona Mann, MIS, Larry McDowell, MRE, Bridget Minor, MPA,
Sandy Naantz, Darlene Tart, MSH

Want to turbocharge your work to strengthen
marriage and fatherhood? Learn what it takes
(steps, resources) from ACF’s Healthy Marriage
Specialists working with non-funded community
partners and federal grantee

Saturday Workshops, July 10, 2–3:30pm

Mars and Venus: Grief and Loss
John Gray, PhD
The loss of a loved one – partner, parent, child
– can be the most challenging experience of a
lifetime. While loss is inevitable, suffering is not.
Learn strategies to help Mars & Venus (they
grieve differently) recover.
The Miracle of Connection
Hedy Schleifer, MA
Seven principles and practices will change
the way you think about relationships and help
you guide couples to embrace differences, harness
passion, and deepen connections.
Secrets of Happily Married Women
Scott Haltzman, MD
Help wives become energized and find
contentment in the face of the challenges of
balancing feminist ideals, traditional roles,
work, self, kids, and well-intentioned advice
about having it all.
The Power of Play
Elaine Braff, MPS, Hal Braff, JD
Play is the secret ingredient to marital satisfaction.
Learn exercises and tools to add to any marriage
program to help couples make play an everyday
part of their marriage.
A New Way to Love – TOOB
Harville Hendrix, PhD, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
This Imago faith-based course guides couples
in finding God's purpose for their marriage,
deepening their connection, and starting a
grass-roots movement of couples teaching couples.
Marriage-Friendly Therapy
Bill Doherty, PhD
Marital therapy is a challenge. Learn about the
essential skills and values of a good marital
therapist and about an exciting new resource
for locating these therapists in your community.
Internet Sex Addiction
Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
Porn, the #1 seller on the internet, has become
extremely damaging to marriage. Learn to
recognize the symptoms and to prevent and
help overcome addiction to internet sex.

Torn Asunder: Mending Infidelity – TOOB
Dave Carder, MA
This model provides a structure to stabilize
marriages in the crucial first 90 days; skills to
differentiate types of infidelity and to start
forgiveness and trust building; plus homework.
Successful Stepfamilies – TOOB
Ron Deal, MMFT
This 8-sesssion, DVD & faith based program
teaches specific skills to target stepfamily
challenges identified in research for The
Remarriage Checkup.
The Marriage Boot Camp Experience
Ron and Tina Konkin
We learn best by playing games! These drills
& exercises will help couples quickly understand
and resolve unfinished business & begin enjoying
their here and now. As seen on TLC.
WAIT Training: All About ME – TOOB
Shelly Donahue
Teach teens & young adults to reduce drama,
chaos and poverty by empowering them with
partner selection & marriage ed skills in a fun
interactive program for high school & college.
Parenting From the Heart
Dan McMannis, MEd
Teach parents simple methods to activate their
heart-brain connection and help foster bonding
and attachment, manage stress, improve learning,
and restore energy and optimism.

Relationship Enhancement (RE) Programs
Mary Ortwein, MS
Teach couples how to access deep empathy
to build connection, intimacy, openness, trust,
and love while creating mutually-satisfying
solutions to their most challenging issues.
For Christian Lovers Only – TOOB
Clarence Walker, PhD, Ja’Ola Walker, MEd, DD
Work with African American marriages using
this 3-part Bible and research-based program
in church or community settings – intimacy
retreats, skills, skits, music, & group discussions.
Fatherhood and Marriage Education
Gil Coleman, Rita DeMaria, PhD
This program combines responsible fatherhood
& healthy marriage education for delivery to
low-income individuals and couples and was
designed based on interviews with fathers
and providers.
Presenting As a Couple
Dennis Lowe, PhD, Emily Scott-Lowe, PhD
Presenting marriage education as a couple
requires a special set of skills. Learn the
strategies, benefits, challenges and "rules"
of joint presentations.

Emotional and Relational Intelligence (ERQ)
Gary Oliver, PhD, MDiv, Matthew Turvey, PsyD
Use ERQ principles & the new ERQ Profile to help
corporations & couples build Relational
Wellness at work & home and increase
personal/professional effectiveness & profits.
Building Community Partnerships
Carolyn Curtis, PhD
Step-by-step blueprint to fill your classes & expand your
reach – secrets from the Sacramento HMI recognized
by HHS as tops in the field in developing successful
collaboration strategies.
Marriage Education Online – Expanding Our Reach
At the Crossroad - Alan Hawkins, PhD, Brian
Higginbotham, PhD - FOOB
This FREE intervention helps couples evaluate
the possibility of repairing their marriage even
after they've filed for divorce.
Doing It In Your Pajamas - Abigail Hirsch, PhD
Power of Two has harnessed webinar technology
to create small, highly-engaging, interactive online
marriage education classes.

Relationship Education and Health Care Reform
Jana Staton, PhD, Jennifer Baker, PsyD
Make the case: Relationship Education is the
missing link, essential to prevention – reduces
child maltreatment & teen risk behaviors, increases
safe, stable two-parent families & improves outcomes.


Sunday Workshops, July 11, 10-11:30am

Married Sex for Men
Michael Metz, PhD, Barry McCarthy, PhD
Ten things men need to know to deal with
the common problems – low desire, porn
addiction, erectile dysfunction, premature
ejaculation – to build a healthy, pleasurable
sex life.
Forgiveness for Real
Terry Hargrave, PhD
Genuine forgiveness must begin by healing
the pain caused by violations of trust and
love. A clear-cut approach illustrated with
case examples includes tools for dealing
with cutoffs, lying, betrayal, and affairs.

The Gottman Method for Couples Counseling
Vagdevi Meunier, PsyD
Overview of the Gottman research including
the Masters and Disasters of Marriage, the
friendship, conflict, and shared meaning
components of a relationship, and the main
predictors of relationship breakup.
The Five Keys to an Incredible Marriage – TOOB
Tim Gardner, MA, DMin
Teach couples to remember 5 proven keys to
a great, fulfilling marriage on one hand…and
it’s guaranteed they’ll never forget them. Faith
& research-based, entertaining, & interactive.
Usually $29.95, free here.

Trauma-Based Couples
Carolyn Curtis, PhD
A history of trauma, abuse & neglect can make
it difficult for individuals to benefit from relationship
interventions. Learn to adapt programs to help
even the most traumatized and fragile heal and grow.
Hitched (or Not) & Hatching
Jennifer Baker, PsyD, Derek Gwinn, MA, CFLE
Expectant parents are busy. Learn a realistic
alternative to multi-week programs – a fun-filled,
super-charged class that delivers a full-day of
relationship education. Involve community
sponsors for extra oomph.
Healing From Affairs
Anne and Brian Bercht
Based on a 3-day intensive weekend for couples
in affair-recovery, this program outlines
key steps to healing a marriage – designed and
presented by a couple who has been there.
Children of Divorce: The Tough Truth – TOOB
Carri and Gordon Taylor, MA, MFT
Take an in-depth look at the children of divorce
and their families, at the multi-generational impact
of divorce and learn how the extended family can
be empowered as a tool of healing.
Mars Venus Coaching
Mernela Anez
Understand the differences between coaching,
consulting, and therapy, the benefits of coaching,
a variety of coaching processes, and how to join
the worldwide Mars Venus Coaching team.
Teaching Marriage to Undergrads
Arthur Nielsen, MD, Frank Fincham, PhD
Learn how to make marriage courses interesting
and meaningful in the lives – and future marriages
– of students. Bring your ideas and curricula to share.
Marriage Mentoring: 12 Conversations – TOOB
Rhonda Gray, Ed Gray, EdD
Mentoring is fun and easy! Teach the narrative,
story-telling model and organize a mentoring
program for church, community, or military.
Also in Spanish, Korean, and Russian.
Ethics Part I: Confidentiality
Mary Ortwien, MS, Rita DeMaria, PhD
How do you keep a couple’s personal business
confidential in ME classes? What if you learn of
abuse or dangerous behavior? Learn guidelines
for handling confidentiality dilemmas & referrals.
See #713.

ProSAAM: Strong African American Marriages – TOOB
Tera Hurt, PhD, Regero Sampson, MSW
Learn how to deliver this PREP-based, innovative
program to African American couples. Includes
effects of racism, using prayer for conflict
resolution and growth, and retention.
Men and Commitment
Paul Giblin, PhD, MDiv
Explore the nature of commitment, how the
culture fails to support it, why men struggle
with it, and what we can learn from happily
married men. Clinical/educational applications
across the life-cycle.
Marriage and Depression
Dennis Lowe, PhD, Emily Scott-Lowe, PhD
Marriages in which one spouse is depressed are
nine times more likely to divorce. Teach couples
to identify depression and the skills and resources
to help them cope effectively.
Domestic Violence: To Screen, Or Not To Screen?
Scott Stanley, PhD, Anne Menard, Rachel Derrington
That’s just one question marriage & relationship
educators must ask. How do we best protect –
and serve – couples? Lessons learned in the PREP
program plus tools & guidelines from the NHMRC.
Fine Tuning TOOBs
Brant Dykehouse, MSW, Tatyana Fertelmeyster, MA
Learn how small adjustments to existing curricula
can adapt them to fit participants' culture, literacy,
family diversity, and orientation needs. You don’t
need to reinvent the wheel, realign it!
From Board Room to Family Room
Alicia La Hoz, PsyD, Nadia Persun, PhD
This experiential, easy-to-teach curriculum helps
employees learn conflict-resolution and communications
skills for use at work and home to improve quality
of life and quality of work!

Grant Writing 101
Dennis Stoica, MBA
Understand the fine points of grant writing in order
to qualify for government and private foundation
marriage money.


Sunday Workshops, July 11, 2-3:30pm

The Marriage Garden – FOOB
Wallace Goddard, PhD, James Marshall, PhD
Easy to teach, innovative, flexible, FREE
curriculum based on new discoveries in positive
psychology. Includes 6 lessons and supporting
The Love Path
Joe Beam
Learn how this visual model and a dynamic
group process help married couples understand
how to fall in love all over again whether in
crisis or simply in search of deeper satisfaction.
Military Couples and EFT
Kathryn Rheem, MS
Use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with
couples impacted by 21st century war to help
them understand the trauma-induced shut-down
in their interpersonal relationships, and to reconnect. 
Lasting Love
Chris Gersten, Katherine Robredo, MSW
This 8-hr, highly affordable course, is suited
to low-income couples, teaches 10 relationship
rules and 4 skill sets: communication, anger
management, fidelity, and financial literacy.
Plan for Happily Ever Laughter
Yakov Smirnoff, MA
Learn to use the Performer/Audience concept
to create love & laughter, rekindle and sustain
the honeymoon stage of your relationship. This
Plan becomes your guide to happily ever laughter.

Dating and Marriage: 4 Keys to Success
John Buri, PhD
Help singles/singles-again understand the essentials
of a working partnership, myths that undermine success,
& tools to choose wisely. Understand selfism, maximizing,
& growth motives.
Blending Sexual Meanings
Michael Metz, PhD
Heal couples fractured due to problems with male
sexuality: porn, strip clubs, etc. by integrating
sexual meaning more deeply into the marriage
to strengthen cohesion and promote intimacy.
The Four Axis of Infidelity
Rick Reynolds, MSW, MPA
Assessment of the four axis of infidelity along with
analysis of the martial power structure and infidelity
type allows for a development of couple-specific,
targeted, successful treatment. 
Beating the Odds: Successful Remarriage
Barry McCarthy, PhD
The good news is that remarried couples can improve
their odds. Examine strategies and techniques which
predict successful remarriage and identify common
traps and how to avoid them.
Suiting Up
Jeff Erlacher, MA, Lawrence Ramos
This newest PREP program strengthens men to
master the complex issues facing 21st century
fathers and includes exercises to evaluate choices
& consequences and set goals that are within their reach.  
Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships – TOOB
Char Kamper, MA, CFLE
Understand the teen brain – how brain chemistry
explains differences in gender, decision-making,
risks and relationships. Brain Mapping, self-regulation
& decision-making tools.

Divorce Prevention: Controlled Separation – TOOB
Elsie Radtke, MEd
Help stalemated couples restore their marriage
using time-limited guidelines, assessment, contracts,
and “active waiting” skills that put children first and
avoid extended-family trauma.
Ethics Part II: Boundaries
Mary Ortwein, MS, Rita DeMaria, PhD
Prevent, contain, and resolve boundary, slippery
slope, & dual relationship challenges illustrated by
10 scenarios common to working with couples in
clinical or marriage education settings. See #613.

Making Music in Your Marriage – TOOB
Nisa Muhammad, Jamil Muhammad
This program uses pop, country and R & B to teach
the benefits of marriage & how to improve communication,
manage conflict, and deepen commitment. As seen on
CNN’s Black in America.
Special Needs Children
Laura Marshak, PhD, Fran Prezant, MEd
Marriages with special needs children face higher
rates of distress and breakdown. Learn key
guidelines & specific strategies to help them
stay connected.
DYALOG - Psychodynamic Self-Help For couples
Bernd Boettger, DiplPsych
DYALOG, popular across Europe, teaches a new
method of dialogue that combines couple dynamics,
and group, conscious & unconscious processes to
increase empathy & attachment. 
The Business of Love
John Curtis, PhD
Apply 9 proven business "best practices" to create
21st century marriages built to last. Visioning, logos,
job descriptions & performance appraisals, mergers,
etc. Great appeal to men & dual career couples.
Journey to Love for “Singles Again” – TOOB
MP Wylie, PhD
Whether divorced, widowed or ending a relationship,
success rests on healing the past and wise choices.
Learn critical steps for helping singles define/find
what they're really looking for in life and a partner.
Prison Re-entry Programs
Teach marriage, relationship, & fatherhood skills
to strengthen families and reduce recidivism, plus
how to sell the idea to local officials; funding and evaluation.
Keeping FAITH (Families And Inmates Together in Harmony)
- Ron & Cathy Tijerina
Inside/Out Dads - Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA - TOOB
PREP & Pick-A-Partner in Michigan prisons - TOOB
- Jim Sheridan, JD, MBA

Skills for Immigrants and Refugees
Goli Amin, MSW
Culture affects everything – especially communication
& conflict.  Learn how to work with couples/families
from around the world. Innovative free tools, including
materials for Hispanic families.

Smart Marriage & Family Expo® - Seminars
Sunday July 11, 2010, 4 – 5:30pm

Learn the latest techniques to fight fair, turn conflict into intimacy,
rekindle passion, really talk to your kids, improve your odds of
success and happiness – all under the skilled guidance of the country’s
top experts. Attend alone or with a partner.

To register for the seminars:
If you are registered for the conference or for one-day Saturday, the seminars are included,
just make your Seminar selections when you register for the conference.

Or, you can attend only the seminars: $15 per person or purchase tickets for guests
using this Seminar Registration form.

After July 2, just register for the Seminars at the Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando.
Arrive early and browse the 100+ marriage & relationship Exhibits - Exhibits open
Wed July 7, 10am – Sun July 11, 6pm.  Stay after the seminars and attend the
Marriage Film Festival, 5:30pm Sun July 11. 
How To Avoid Falling For A Jerk – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
Great marriages begin long before the
wedding. Learn the 5 keys to successful
mate-selection, and how to avoid the
"love is blind" attachment-syndrome.
For singles, or single again.
ScreamFree Parenting – TOOB
Hal Runkel, MS, Neil McNerney, MEd
Learn to stay calm and connected to your
children and how you can do the same in
all your relationships. ScreamFree is Bowen
family-systems theory applied to today’s families.
Win Your Wife’s Heart Forever
Scott Haltzman, MD
If we can build skyscrapers and land on Mars,
we can also figure out how to succeed at marriage.
Eight Secrets From Happily Married Men on how
to win – and keep – the prize.

Crazy About You: Scorched-Earth Love
Steven Stosny, PhD
Jealousy is a crucial emotional "signal." But when
perverted through blame and control, it can cause
psychosis, misery and divorce. Discover the road
to understanding and healing.
The PeopleMap
Mike Lillibridge, PhD
This self-scoring, 7-item, 5-min tool is 95% accurate
in measuring 4 personality types. Learn how to
strengthen your marriage based on maps of
your personality strengths & styles.
7 Habit for 24/7 Dads – TOOB
Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA
This new program based on the Covey 7 Habits
model, helps men become responsible, committed
dads. Includes exercises, recruitment & implementation
strategies for a variety of settings.
Marital Sex As it Ought to Be
Barry McCarthy, PhD
When it's good, it’s great. When it's bad or
non-existent, it's a bummer. Learn what it takes
to have great marital sex – intimate and erotic –
and how to prevent and resolve sexual problems.
Close Calls: Avoiding Adultery
Dave Carder, MA
Advice from thousands of adulterers help us
identify our own high risk situations and
“Dangerous Partner Profiles” and provides
ideas for using Close Call experiences to actually
strengthen marital intimacy.
Remarriage Prep: The Second Time Around – TOOB
Carri and Gordon Taylor, MA, MFT
Learn how to identify your non-negotiables –
often overlooked in courtship – and the ten key
steps to the development of intimacy & trust,
both crucial to the success of any remarriage.

Hot Latin Lovers: Latino Marriage
Joseph Hernandez, PhD, Ana Morante, MS, CFLE
We know the stereotypes: Latinos are passionate,
the men don't communicate, women are more
mothers than wives. Learn to use our strengths
to make our marriages nuestro "Vinculo mas Fuerte".                 

Active Parenting of Teens – TOOB
Michael Popkin, PhD, MEd
Parenting teens can stress any marriage. This
video-based communication/discipline program
empowers parents to help their teens (and their
marriage) not only survive – but thrive! New 3rd
Seriously Dating or Engaged – TOOB
Roger Tirabassi, MA, DMin
Learn the tools you need for a life-long marriage
with step-by-step guidelines to handle conflict,
anger, family-of-origin, finances, sex, etc.
Infertility: Hope and Healing
Montse Casado-Kehoe, PhD
Infertility can devastate and destroy a marriage.
Help couples understand and manage the emotional,
financial, spiritual, psychological, and sexual
stress, conflict, and decision making.
10 Great Dates for Black Couples – TOOB
Rozario Slack, DMin, Angela Slack, MD
This program combines fun dates and marriage
skills – and appeals to men! Based on the proven
insights of the Arps' 10 Great Dates program.
Teach in your church or community.

The Seven Desires of Every Heart
Debbie and Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
All couple problems can be traced to unmet
desires of the heart. Understand the 7 desires
in terms of Satir’s Iceberg Model and learn to
use them to reach deeper spiritual connection
& intimacy

Healthy Lifestyles = Healthy Relationships
Pamela Holtzman, RN, MSW
There’s lots more to it than communication skills.
Learn nutrition, exercise, and stress management
“skills” that are proven to reduce burnout &
depression and increase happiness, well-being,
& love.
Staying Present
Karen Sherman, PhD
Is your relationship in trouble because of old baggage?
Learn tricks to stop reacting to old injuries – often
unconsciously – and to live and love in the present. 
Marriage Rally: Teach-In
Transforming Communities Grassroots Style
Julie Baumgardner, MA, Nisa Muhammad
Learn what communities across the country
are doing to strengthen marriage and how you
can get started. Brainstorm about opportunities
– free media, the web, funding, volunteers, creating
buy-in – and how to avoid the stumbling blocks.

819 - Note Special time: 2pm - 6pm
Crossing the Bridge
Hedy Schleifer, MA, Yumi Schleifer
Orlando premier of the film Crossing the Bridge
and an introduction to Hedy & Yumi's new concept of the Space,
the Bridge, & the Encounter to help you guide couples to
embrace differences and deepen connections.
Pre and Post Conference Training Institutes

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