Attend the
School/Youth Roundtable hosted by Kay Reed, Dibble Institute on
Friday morning, 7:30am. Bring a bagel and coffee and
compare notes about what's working.

Listed here are programs designed specificially for delivery in middle school, high
school, community college, college, but we'll also list programs that would
work well for parents or those working with youth; have programs adapted
for delivery to teens/youth; or have been adapted and taught in a youth setting,
PTA, etc.  

These workshops & Keynotes will be recorded live at the
14th Annual 2010 Smart Marriages Conference and will be available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

Training Institutes highly intensive, skills-focused - will not be recorded. 

117  Two Days - Wednesday & Thursday, July 7 & 8
Love Notes
Marline Pearson, MA
We can't wait until they have their 1st (or 2nd) child, or are ready to come as a couple. Target
youth 16-24 at risk for unplanned pregnancy and single parenting (or already pregnant or
parenting) to engage them (including males) on healthy relationships, sexual meaning &
choices, and an approach to pregnancy prevention that builds on the importance of fathers in
the lives of their children. $100 spouse discount. 
Click for more information:


WORKSHOPS: July 9 - 11, each is 90 mins long

The Five Love Languages – TOOB
Gary Chapman, PhD
Help couples learn to speak their spouses’
“love language”, make the transition from the
“in love” to the “covenant love” stage and avoid
the trap of getting the “tingles” for someone
other than their spouse.
1-2-3 Magic
Tom Phelan, PhD
Teach parents easy-to-follow steps for disciplining
kids ages 2-12 without arguing, yelling or spanking
and when – and how – silence can speak louder
than words.
Money Habitudes: The Last Taboo – TOOB
Syble Solomon, MEd
A unique card deck gives instant, life-changing
insights into attitudes about money. Teach groups,
use with individuals, couples, youth, or add to any
marriage program.
Love Notes – TOOB
Marline Pearson, MA
Use activities & PREP skills to reach youth 16-24
at risk for unplanned pregnancy/single parenting
to help them form healthy relationships & “get”
the connections between marriage, fatherhood &
child wellbeing.

Warm Things Up!
Katherine Robredo, MSW, Maureen Griner, MA
Learn to be a great marriage educator with 20 icebreaker
activities to enliven any class and enhance group learning.
Plus tips on adult learning styles and dealing with difficult
Dating and Cohabiting Couples
Scott Stanley, PhD, Galena Rhoades, PhD
The latest research on relationship formation and
commitment identifies the most effective ways to
recruit and work with dating and cohabiting couples
and singles to impact their future marital success.
Active Parenting Makes Strong Marriages – TOOB
Michael Popkin, PhD, Merrilie Rackham, MS, CFLE
Parenting stresses marriage. Learn how to add effective,
easy-to-teach parenting education to your marriage
classes to bring couples in the door.
Prepare-Enrich-Inspire for Teens – TOOB
Jessica Pool, MS, Amy Olson-Sigg, MA
Based on decades of (P/E) research, P-E-I explores
how relationships impact quality of life and teaches
skills necessary for teens to create healthy
relationships (now and in the future).

Why Knot? Marriage-Readiness for Men – TOOB
Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA
This program addresses the negative beliefs and
attitudes many men hold about marriage and moves
men and single fathers to a positive “readiness” view
of marriage.
Genograms – TOOB
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Easy-to-use tools explore family patterns (cut-offs,
legacies, addictions, etc) that influence relationships
plus 5 exercises to strengthen love and commitment.
Sherod’s Squares
Sherod Miller, PhD
Get to the heart of a relationship in two minutes
with this powerful, engaging non-verbal technique.
Use in classes or clinical settings for uncannily
accurate assessment and intervention.

WAIT Training: All About ME – TOOB
Shelly Donahue
Teach teens & young adults to reduce drama,
chaos and poverty by empowering them with
partner selection & marriage ed skills in a fun
interactive program for high school & college.
Parenting From the Heart
Dan McMannis, MEd
Teach parents simple methods to activate their
heart-brain connection and help foster bonding
and attachment, manage stress, improve learning,
and restore energy and optimism.

Children of Divorce: The Tough Truth – TOOB
Carri and Gordon Taylor, MA, MFT
Take an in-depth look at the children of divorce
and their families, at the multi-generational impact
of divorce and learn how the extended family can
be empowered as a tool of healing.
Teaching Marriage to Undergrads
Arthur Nielsen, MD, Frank Fincham, PhD
Learn how to make marriage courses interesting
and meaningful in the lives – and future marriages
– of students. Bring your ideas and curricula to share.
Fine Tuning TOOBs
Brant Dykehouse, MSW
Learn how small adjustments to existing curricula
can adapt them to fit participants' culture, literacy,
family diversity, and orientation needs. You don’t
need to reinvent the wheel, realign it!

Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships – TOOB
Char Kamper, MA, CFLE
Understand the teen brain – how brain chemistry
explains differences in gender, decision-making,
risks and relationships. Brain Mapping, self-regulation
& decision-making tools.

Making Music in Your Marriage – TOOB
Nisa Muhammad, Jamil Muhammad
This program uses pop, country and R & B to teach
the benefits of marriage & how to improve communication,
manage conflict, and deepen commitment. As seen on
CNN’s Black in America.
How To Avoid Falling For A Jerk – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
Great marriages begin long before the
wedding. Learn the 5 keys to successful
mate-selection, and how to avoid the
"love is blind" attachment-syndrome.
For singles, or single again.
ScreamFree Parenting – TOOB
Hal Runkel, MS, Neil McNerney, MEd
Learn to stay calm and connected to your
children and how you can do the same in
all your relationships. ScreamFree is Bowen
family-systems theory applied to today’s families.
The PeopleMap
Mike Lillibridge, PhD
This self-scoring, 7-item, 5-min tool is 95% accurate
in measuring 4 personality types. Learn how to
strengthen your marriage based on maps of
your personality strengths & styles.
Active Parenting of Teens – TOOB
Michael Popkin, PhD, MEd
Parenting teens can stress any marriage. This
video-based communication/discipline program
empowers parents to help their teens (and their
marriage) not only survive – but thrive! New 3rd
Seriously Dating or Engaged – TOOB
Roger Tirabassi, MA, DMin
Learn the tools you need for a life-long marriage
with step-by-step guidelines to handle conflict,
anger, family-of-origin, finances, sex, etc.
Healthy Lifestyles = Healthy Relationships
Pamela Holtzman, RN, MSW
There’s lots more to it than communication skills.
Learn nutrition, exercise, and stress management
“skills” that are proven to reduce burnout &
depression and increase happiness, well-being,
& love.

The sessions below were recorded live at the
13th Annual 2009 Smart Marriages Conference and are available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at


Why Singles Aren't Marrying
Beverly Rodgers, PhD, Tom Rodgers, PhD
Bust the myths that keep scared-silly singles stuck
in unhealthy relationship patterns by equipping them
with skills and information that will help them move
confidently towards marriage.
Love: What Everyone Needs To Know – TOOB
Pat Love, EdD, Jon Carlson, PsyD
This engaging 23-part, DVD & research based series provides
everything you need to teach marriage from A to Z. Multi-cultural.
Experience segment #1: Why Marriage is Worth it.

Who Am I and Who Are You?
Galena Rhoades, PhD
Learn how PREP is introducing personality testing like The
Primary Colors Personality Tool to build understanding &
acceptance in marriage. Myths, research, and tools you can use.

Teach Teens, Reach Parents, Change Communities!
John Van Epp, PhD, Gregg Hunter, Renee Thompson
Teach the PICK program to not only give teens relationship
skills but also to reach parents with a corresponding seminar and
transform entire communities. Diverse & minority settings.

The First Dance: Wedding Prep – TOOB
Bill Doherty, PhD, Elizabeth Thomas
Wedding planning often involves complex, conflicted couple &
family dynamics. Learn how to plan a “family-systems” wedding
that will lay a solid foundation for life-long marriage.

Taking it to the Streets
Gena Ellis, MS
Adapt any marriage education program to relate to the Hip Hop
Generation (ages 14-35). Use music & movies to build rapport
and create waiting lists through word of mouth buzz!  

Family Expectations
David Kimmel, PhD, Jay Otero, & host couple
This highly successful program uses irresistible strategies
to attract, retain, and provide marriage ed to low-income
married and unmarried couples as they prepare to welcome their babies.

Teaching Marriage to Undergrads
Arthur Nielsen, MD, Frank Fincham, PhD, Janette Borst, MS
Learn how to make marriage courses interesting and
meaningful in the lives – and future marriages – of students.
Bring your ideas and curricula to share.

Children of Divorce: Change Your Odds!
Beverly Rodgers, PhD, Tom Rodgers, PhD
According to research, children of divorce are less likely to
marry, and if and when they do, face higher divorce rates.
Learn important steps to change the odds.

Healthy Marriage = Healthy Women & Girls
Patty Howell, EdM, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
What do we want? Healthy Marriage! What do we need? Healthy
Marriage! Learn why Healthy, Stable Marriage should be the rallying
cry for the women’s movement and for anyone who cares about women’s


The sessions below were recorded live at the
12th Annual 2008 Smart Marriages Conference and are available
on CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

Take Back the Family Turf
George Doub, MDiv, Captn Richard Vasquez,
Christina Yee, Dan Rodriguez
Learn how to use the Family Wellness skills program
to help communities and families take back the turf
from gangs, build skills, put parents back in charge, and
support healthy family living.

Sliding vs Deciding: Within My Reach
Scott Stanley, PhD, Marline Pearson, MA, Natalie Jenkins
Relationship education can be tailored to teach individuals,
not couples, how to improve their odds of having healthy
relationships and marriage. For TANF, military, tech college,
and correctional settings.

Between Two Worlds
Elizabeth Marquardt, MDiv
Even in the best divorces, kids live divided lives in
which they struggle to understand their parents'
behavior, negotiate tangled family systems, and
develop values and beliefs.

LoveU2 – TOOB
Marline Pearson, MA
Use stories, activities, and PREP skills to teach teens
the crucial connections between marriage, fatherhood,
and child well-being. Give them good reasons to postpone
childbearing. Outcome studies.

B-2 Thurs, July 3, 7pm
BANQUET Keynote - available on DVD
Raising Children for Good Marriages
Bill Doherty, PhD

Role-modeling a good marriage is important, but it’s not enough in a
me-first, commitment-lite culture. As parents, we have to be intentional
about raising children who are ready for the brave new world of contemporary marriage,
and about supporting the marriages of our adult children.
These sessions were recorded live at the
11th Annual 2007 Smart Marriages Conference
are available
on CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

P-3 Keynote and 2007 Smart Marriages Impact Award recipient:
We Have to Start With the Kids - available on DVD, CD, MP3

Kay Reed
Helping youth develop the skills and attitudes necessary for healthy, happy
marriages is critical if we are truly going to change the culture. Plus, in addition
to increased confidence that they know why and how to get and stay married, the
marriage ed programs give side benefits including reduced verbal and physical aggression,
improved communication with teachers, peers, parents and future employers.
Bringing programs to your community is no longer an option, it's, as the kids would say,
a "no brainer". Learn how easy it is!

One, Two…I Do and the Art of Loving Well - TOOB
Char Kamper, MA, Nancy McLaren, MAT
Learn tips for teaching three of the most widely used, research-validated
relationship and marriage education programs for grades 7-12
in schools and youth groups.

Friends First: Quinceañera
Lisa Rue, PhD, MEd, Gina Harris
Hispanic high school students, mothers & grandmothers
mentor middle school girls in this relationship, abstinence
and character-based program. Learn how to get started.

The sessions listed below were recorded live at the
10th Annual 2006 Smart Marriages Conference and are available on
CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

DVDs are available of the Keynote and Special Master sessions - $29.95

756- P-2 - Keynote - DVD, CD, MP3

Message to Our Daughters

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, PhD
Today’s young women are better educated than any previous generation
but are strangely misinformed about marriage. The good news is the
substantial body of new social scientific evidence on the “do’s” and
“don’ts” of mate selection and marriage. The even better news is that we
have every reason to believe we can all play a part in helping the next
generations of young women become as successful in marriage as they
are in their school and work lives.

Message to Our Sons
Rozario Slack, DMin
Today's young men need their fathers and their elders to step up to the plate
and tell them the truth. They need their fathers and elders to stop standing
silently by and letting them continue to make critical mistakes. Men must tell
their sons, nephews, friends, and brothers that it takes a real man to create a
high-quality, life-long marriage and family. That there is no greater or more
manly accomplishment. Old men must teach young men that marriage is the glue,
the crucial factor if we are to save the village. This is what men must do.

10 Things You Need to Know About Marriage
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, PhD, David Popenoe, PhD
Understand the latest “State of Our Unions” research
and trends including lower divorce rates, best age to
marry, effects of cohabitation and of widespread divorce.
What does it all really mean?

PAIRS for PEERS: Emotional Literacy for Teens
Ellen Purcell, Shirley Burnside, MA, Lena & Derrick Gillis, DMin
Basic and Advanced 10: powerful, sequenced exercises
teach communication skills, self-understanding and empathy
to prepare even at-risk teens for healthy relationships and marriage.

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