Many Singles - nevermarried, divorced, widowed, single-parents - attend the conference and
totally enjoy it. Anyone – married or single - can teach marriage education courses, so take
the training and become certified as a marriage educator or use the skills in your practice.
Or, if you aren't interested in becoming an educator, attend for your own enrichment.
You'll find all the sessions to be of interest –especially the keynote sessions
and banquets - but here are some breakouts that are especially targeted
to single populations; that might be easily adapted and useful; or that might just be fun and
interactive!  Register ONLINE

These workshops & Keynotes will be recorded live at the
14th Annual 2010 Smart Marriages Conference and will be available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

35 Training Institutes highly intensive, skills-focused - will not be recorded includes
How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk and Love Notes - two-day trainings. Become a Marriage & Relalationship Educator.

801 - only $15 Sunday July 11, 4 - 5:30pm
How To Avoid Falling For A Jerk – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
Great marriages begin long before the

wedding. Learn the 5 keys to successful

mate-selection, and how to avoid the

"love is blind" attachment-syndrome.

For singles, or single again.


8:45pm, Thurs, July 8 (not recorded)
Singles ONLY

Secrets of Great Relationships for a Lifetime of Love
Scott Haltzman, MD
Learn the fundamentals for establishing a close relationship
with a partner, appreciate essential differences between the
needs of guys and gals, and how to seal the deal for a successful

For singles, or single again. No additional payment - included in your conference registration.
Just show up wearing your conference badge and get an early start on meeting other singles plus earn 1.5 hrs CE.
Singles who are not attending the conference, can attend for $15 - register on the Special events form.

The Five Love Languages – TOOB
Gary Chapman, PhD
Help couples learn to speak their spouses’
“love language”, make the transition from the
“in love” to the “covenant love” stage and avoid
the trap of getting the “tingles” for someone
other than their spouse.
Mindful Marriage
Pat Love, EdD, Jon Carlson, PsyD
Learn to apply mindfulness techniques, practiced
for over 2500 years, as an add-on to marriage
counseling or education to increase awareness,
kindness, acceptance, and love.
The Couple Checkup
Peter Larson, PhD, Ron Deal, MMFT
Add this research-based online assessment to
improve premarital (dating, engaged, cohabiting),
married, or remarried programs. Free Discussion
Guides, Leader’s Guide & Group Reports.
ThriveSphere – TOOB
Sherod Miller, PhD
Learn to facilitate this comprehensive cost-effective,
web-based inventory for premarital and marital
self/partner/relationship awareness. Part 2 training
online at your convenience. Usually $85, here it’s FREE.
The Future of Monogamy
Peggy Vaughan
It's time to tackle the patterns of serial marriage
and serial/temporary monogamy that threaten to
make long-term marriage almost obsolete. Q & A
about affairs, monogamy and future strategies.
Money Habitudes: The Last Taboo – TOOB
Syble Solomon, MEd
A unique card deck gives instant, life-changing
insights into attitudes about money. Teach groups,
use with individuals, couples, youth, or add to any
marriage program.
Heart Rhythm Practice
Dan McMannis, MEd, Jana Staton, PhD
Teach couples a new way to reduce stress, heal
old wounds, increase trust, optimism and connection
by synchronizing heart, body & brain in a positive,
energetic state. Experiential.

Warm Things Up!
Katherine Robredo, MSW, Maureen Griner, MA
Learn to be a great marriage educator with 20 icebreaker
activities to enliven any class and enhance group learning.
Plus tips on adult learning styles and dealing with difficult
Dating and Cohabiting Couples
Scott Stanley, PhD, Galena Rhoades, PhD
The latest research on relationship formation and
commitment identifies the most effective ways to
recruit and work with dating and cohabiting couples
and singles to impact their future marital success.
Basic Training: Men, Women and Marriage – TOOB
Rozario Slack, DMin, Nisa Muhammad
Two straight-talking curricula developed in the crucible
of the Black experience. Teach Black men and women
the principles and skills to create and sustain successful
Hot Monogamy: The Sexy Brain
Pat Love, EdD
A sexy brain is not only the cure for the lazy libido but
it's all you need to create an exciting love life. Come
learn the basics – as well as the secrets of sexually
satisfied couples.

Why Knot? Marriage-Readiness for Men – TOOB
Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA
This program addresses the negative beliefs and
attitudes many men hold about marriage and moves
men and single fathers to a positive “readiness” view
of marriage.
Genograms – TOOB
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Easy-to-use tools explore family patterns (cut-offs,
legacies, addictions, etc) that influence relationships
plus 5 exercises to strengthen love and commitment.
Sherod’s Squares
Sherod Miller, PhD
Get to the heart of a relationship in two minutes
with this powerful, engaging non-verbal technique.
Use in classes or clinical settings for uncannily
accurate assessment and intervention.
The Miracle of Connection
Hedy Schleifer, MA
Seven principles and practices will change
the way you think about relationships and help
you guide couples to embrace differences, harness
passion, and deepen connections.
The Power of Play
Elaine Braff, MPS, Hal Braff, JD
Play is the secret ingredient to marital satisfaction.
Learn exercises and tools to add to any marriage
program to help couples make play an everyday
part of their marriage.

Children of Divorce: The Tough Truth – TOOB
Carri and Gordon Taylor, MA, MFT
Take an in-depth look at the children of divorce
and their families, at the multi-generational impact
of divorce and learn how the extended family can
be empowered as a tool of healing.
Mars Venus Coaching
Rich Bernstein
Understand the differences between coaching,
consulting, and therapy, the benefits of coaching,
a variety of coaching processes, and how to join
the worldwide Mars Venus Coaching team.
Teaching Marriage to Undergrads
Arthur Nielsen, MD, Frank Fincham, PhD
Learn how to make marriage courses interesting
and meaningful in the lives – and future marriages
– of students. Bring your ideas and curricula to share.

Men and Commitment
Paul Giblin, PhD, MDiv
Explore the nature of commitment, how the
culture fails to support it, why men struggle
with it, and what we can learn from happily
married men. Clinical/educational applications
across the life-cycle.

Plan for Happily Ever Laughter
Yakov Smirnoff, MA
Learn to use the Performer/Audience concept
to create love & laughter, rekindle and sustain
the honeymoon stage of your relationship. This
Plan becomes your guide to happily ever laughter.

Making Music in Your Marriage – TOOB
Nisa Muhammad, Jamil Muhammad
This program uses pop, country and R & B to teach
the benefits of marriage & how to improve communication,
manage conflict, and deepen commitment. As seen on
CNN’s Black in America.
Journey to Love for “Singles Again” – TOOB
MP Wylie, PhD
Whether divorced, widowed or ending a relationship,
success rests on healing the past and wise choices.
Learn critical steps for helping singles define/find
what they're really looking for in life and a partner.
How To Avoid Falling For A Jerk – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
Great marriages begin long before the
wedding. Learn the 5 keys to successful
mate-selection, and how to avoid the
"love is blind" attachment-syndrome.
For singles, or single again.
The PeopleMap
Mike Lillibridge, PhD
This self-scoring, 7-item, 5-min tool is 95% accurate
in measuring 4 personality types. Learn how to
strengthen your marriage based on maps of
your personality strengths & styles.
Seriously Dating or Engaged – TOOB
Roger Tirabassi, MA, DMin
Learn the tools you need for a life-long marriage
with step-by-step guidelines to handle conflict,
anger, family-of-origin, finances, sex, etc.

The sessions below were recorded live at the
13th Annual 2009 Smart Marriages Conference and are available on

DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at


Why Singles Aren't Marrying
Beverly Rodgers, PhD, Tom Rodgers, PhD
Bust the myths that keep scared-silly singles stuck
in unhealthy relationship patterns by equipping them
with skills and information that will help them move
confidently towards marriage.
Who Am I and Who Are You?
Galena Rhoades, PhD
Learn how PREP is introducing personality testing like The
Primary Colors Personality Tool to build understanding &
acceptance in marriage. Myths, research, and tools you can use.

Marriage Tech Boot Camp
Marc Payan
We can't change the world unless we reach it! Learn to use
the latest low/no cost tools to appeal to 21st century wired
couples through Ning, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Widgets, etc.

The First Dance: Wedding Prep – TOOB
Bill Doherty, PhD, Elizabeth Thomas
Wedding planning often involves complex, conflicted couple &
family dynamics. Learn how to plan a “family-systems” wedding
that will lay a solid foundation for life-long marriage.

Ready For Love
Mary Ortwein, MS
This program designed to meet the needs of singles or solos
(those whose partners won't attend), includes mate selection,
expectations, boundaries, abuse, etc.  

Teaching Marriage to Undergrads
Arthur Nielsen, MD, Frank Fincham, PhD, Janette Borst, MS
Learn how to make marriage courses interesting and
meaningful in the lives – and future marriages – of students.
Bring your ideas and curricula to share.

Happily UnMarried
John Curtis, PhD
Over 60% of couples cohabit before they marry, while
some will choose never to marry. Explore ways to re-think
cohabitation and help cohabitors strengthen their relationships
and families.

Children of Divorce: Change Your Odds!
Beverly Rodgers, PhD, Tom Rodgers, PhD
According to research, children of divorce are less likely to
marry, and if and when they do, face higher divorce rates.
Learn important steps to change the odds.

The sessions below were recorded live at the
12th Annual 2008 Smart Marriages Conference and are available
on CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

P-2 Thurs, July 3, 8:30am - audio and DVD
Keynote: The 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman, PhD
How do we keep love alive after the euphoria fades? The answer lies
in discovering and speaking each others love language. We will
explore the five primary love languages and learn how to help couples speak
to each other's hearts and restore or enhance the warmth and emotional
love in their marriages.

P-3 Thurs, July 3, 12:45pm - audio and DVD
Keynote: Waiting to Marry****
John Van Epp, PhD
Young adults are waiting longer to marry. So what's the big deal?
What are the effects on marriage and on the village - the pros and cons?
What goes into these decisions? Should we do something? Can we?

Getting to Know YOU
Lillian Breckenridge, PhD
Determine your Myers-Briggs personality type and
learn strategies to better navigate relationships and
differences. Couples and singles welcome!

Why Talking Is Not Enough: 8 Loving Actions
Susan Page, MDiv
Transform your relationship by replacing the same
old, round and round frustrating conversations with
easy-to-learn loving actions. For women only.

Surviving Your Adolescents: 13 - 18 Year Olds
Tom Phelan, PhD
There are times you must keep quiet as they push
toward independence and times you must take charge.
This step-by-step approach will help end the hassles.
Single parents & stepparents also welcome.

Each of the sessions listed below was recorded at the Denver 2007 Smart Marriages Conference
and is available on CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95


Enhancing Relationships With Body Wisdom
Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD
Body-based exercises enable couples to unlock the 5
secrets to Lasting Love, resolve power-struggles, create
variety, and rekindle romance.

Tackling the Myths
Mark Gungor
Reexamine many of the concepts – soul mate, romance, benefits
of delayed marriage – accepted as fact by our culture, and even
many in the marriage movement.

Mars/Venus Communication Skills
John Gray, PhD
Understand the unique Mars/Venus principles and concepts
brought to life with humor, insight and helpful advice to use
in your counseling or educational settings.

The Flag Page: What’s Right About You
Mark Gungor
Learn how to quickly understand your partner &
kids’ most positive motivations and use these insights
to reduce conflict and increase success and happiness.

Celebrating Black Marriages: Arusi Style
Andrew and Terri Lyke
Experience rituals and symbols of the African American Christian
community to make your marriage all that it can be – define
your marriage mission and path. Married, engaged, dating or
singles welcome.

Each of the 2 hour sessions listed below was recorded at the Atlanta 2006 Smart Marriages Conference
and is available on CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

Message to Our Daughters
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, PhD
Today’s young women are better educated than any previous generation
but are strangely misinformed about marriage. The good news is the
substantial body of new social scientific evidence on the “do’s” and
“don’ts” of mate selection and marriage. The even better news is that we
have every reason to believe we can all play a part in helping the next
generations of young women become as successful in marriage as they
are in their school and work lives.

Message to Our Sons
Rozario Slack, DMin
Today's young men need their fathers and their elders to step up to the plate
and tell them the truth. They need their fathers and elders to stop standing
silently by and letting them continue to make critical mistakes. Men must tell
their sons, nephews, friends, and brothers that it takes a real man to create a
high-quality, life-long marriage and family. That there is no greater or more
manly accomplishment. Old men must teach young men that marriage is the glue,
the crucial factor if we are to save the village. This is what men must do.
Breaking the Cycle of Divorce
Pat Love, EdD, Kathleen McFadden
This mother/daughter team talk frankly about breaking the legacy of
divorce - using the latest research, as well as hard-earned personal experience -
they describe the victories and challenges facing marriage educators.


<>How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk
John Van Epp, PhD
Adult children-of-divorce face a substantially higher risk of their own
marriage failing. Changing this sad legacy requires changes in courtship
knowledge and practice. The Relationship Attachment Model (RAM)
provides a continuity plan - a way to build intimacy in courtship that will
carry through to a stable, sexy, successful, til-death-do-we-part kind of marriage.

Saturday Night Live - Love & Respect
Emerson Eggerichs, PhD
Couples have to learn how to break the "Crazy Cycle". Eggerichs demonstrates
how to use unique tools, like c.h.a.i.r.s, air hoses, and "unconditional respect" in
ways that you won't soon forget.

Mars Venus Makeover: Get Your Mojo Working!
John Gray, PhD

A whole new synthesis that will help us understand how
diet, exercise and communication skills combine to affect the production of
healthy brain chemicals and how these play out differently in men and women to
govern mood, motivation, passion - and marital happiness.

Flying Our Flags!
Mark Gungor
The Flag Page is a simple assessment tool that helps couples understand their own and
each other's motivations - WHY they do what they do - and what it takes for each of
them to be truly happy. It's not a personality or "match-up" test. It's about knowing
- and supporting - the one you're with. Flag Page marriages report improved communication
and connection, reduced conflict, and a greater sense of purpose.

10 Things You Need to Know About Marriage
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, PhD, David Popenoe, PhD
Understand the latest “State of Our Unions” research
and trends including lower divorce rates, best age to
marry, effects of cohabitation and of widespread divorce.
What does it all really mean?

Marriage Genograms: Beyond the Two of Us
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Learn a tool that helps couples understand the powerful
influences of their family legacies including divorce,
gender, ethnic, religious, economic, sexual and attachment

Intrusive Partners-Elusive Mates
Stephen Betchen, DSW
Pursuer-distancer marriages are most likely of all to end in divorce.
Learn fifteen major traits and tendencies of pursuers and distancers
and techniques to improve the dynamic and achieve true intimacy.

The Essence of Marriage - MINI
Pat Love, EdD, Kathleen McFadden
This program uses Enneagram personality types to help
couples gain insight, take personal responsibility, and develop
deep intimate connections. For workshops, retreats, private practice.

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