These workshops from the 2009 Smart Marriages® Conference remain posted to give you an idea of what to expect in 2010.  The 2010 workshops will be posted in Feb. 

There will be 20 concurrent 90-min workshops in each of the six
time frames on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Plus seventeen 90-min seminars
workshops Sunday afternoon, 4-5:30pm.

Pick one session from each time frame.
Workshops and Seminars are included in the conference registration fee.

If you can't attend all the sessions (too many good ones in the same timeframe),
don't worry – they
are recorded – available on CD or MP3.

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2009 program:

Thursday Workshops, July 9, 10–11:30am

Infidelity – and Forgiveness?
Janis Spring, PhD
It takes two. Teach partners the intimate dance
of taking responsibility, experiencing heartfelt
apology, letting go of pain, and learning the lessons
that will help them repair and grow.

Marriage LINKS – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
LINKS (Lasting Intimacy through Nurturance, Knowledge
and Skills) teaches the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM)
for maintaining intimacy, trust, sexuality, forgiveness and

Hot Monogamy: The Sexy Brain
Pat Love, EdD
A sexy brain is not only the cure for the lazy libido
but it's all you need to create an exciting love life.
Come learn the basics – as well as the secrets of
sexually satisfied couples.

Divorce Busting Programs – TOOB
Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW
Marriage Breakthrough & Keeping Love Alive: two
programs to help even last-ditch couples avoid divorce,
even if only one spouse attends. Teach classes or use
the techniques in your practice.

Happy Hometown Marriage Kit
Mary Ortwein, MS
Receive a free Kit and learn to mix TOOB’s, free
materials, and the Mastering the Mysteries of Love RE
program to affordably/effectively strengthen couples
& families in small town America.

Why Singles Aren't Marrying
Beverly Rodgers, PhD, Tom Rodgers, PhD
Bust the myths that keep scared-silly singles stuck
in unhealthy relationship patterns by equipping them
with skills and information that will help them move
confidently towards marriage.

Family Wellness: Skills for Fragile Families
George Doub, MDiv, Erin Simile
Teach skills to at-risk families – never-married, teen,
single parent, stepfamily, military, those with abuse
– to handle extraordinary challenges and move toward
greater stability.

The Seven Desires of Every Heart
Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
All couple problems can be traced to unmet desires of
the heart. Identify the 7 desires in terms of Satir’s Iceberg
Model and use them to help couples reach deeper spiritual
connection & intimacy

The Stepfamily Journey: Not for Wimps
Elizabeth Einstein, MA
Learn to provide couples with a trail map to master
stepfamily developmental tasks. Understand emotional
baggage, bonding, loyalty, and discipline.

The 7 Stages of Marriage – TOOB
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Give couples a roadmap to help them understand the
journey, anticipate the stages, and succeed at the mission
with commitment and passion intact. Use with any marriage
education program.

Active Parenting of Teens – TOOB
Michael Popkin, PhD, MEd 
Parenting teens can stress any marriage. This video-based
communication/discipline program empowers parents to
help their teens (and their marriage) not only survive – but thrive! 

Marriage Ministry Program
Ruth & Ralph Johnson, PhD
Developed in 110 parishes/churches, this highly-successful
program serves youth, the engaged, and couples while building
leadership and strengthening and energizing the church community. 

The Five Keys to an Incredible Marriage – TOOB
Tim Gardner, MA, DMin
Teach couples to remember 5 proven keys to a great,
fulfilling marriage on one hand…and it is guaranteed they
will never forget them. Faith-based, entertaining, interactive
& research-based. Usually $29.95, free to workshop attendees.

Married and Loving It – TOOB
Barbara Petty, PhD
This 5-week, skill-based program always has full classes
and waiting lists. Learn what makes the program so successful
and how to replicate it in your community.

PREPARE/ENRICH: New Customized Version
Peter Larson, PhD, Matthew Turvey, PsyD
Learn to use the improved online format with report for
couples to keep, new profiles, workbooks, etc for assessing
dating, engaged, married, & remarried couples. For clinician
& lay use.

Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
Diann Dawson, JD, MSW, Nisa Muhammad,
Patrick Patterson, MSW, MPH, Rozario Slack, DMin
Black Marriage Day, community leadership, getting
denominations and organizations on board, fatherhood,
kids, special curricula – brainstorm ideas for revitalizing
Black marriages.

Aging and Dying Alone: Family Fragmentation in America
Elizabeth Marquardt, MDiv
Widespread divorce, remarriage, and re-divorce predict
an era of uncertain obligation, conflicted care-giving, and
complicated grief for adults who are dealing with the aging
of divorced parents and stepparents.

Strong Bonds: Helping Those That Serve
Scott Stanley, PhD, Michael Strohm, MDiv, MS,
Howard Markman, PhD
Learn how the Army is strengthening marriage, exciting
research about what works, new PTSD findings, and how
the research will inform future work with young military
and civilian couples.

Increase Your Website Traffic!
Elizabeth Thomas
150,000 people look online for marriage help every month!
Learn, in non-techie language and affordable (free!) strategies,
what it takes to get your website ranked high – and reach them.
Private Fundraising 101: Beyond the Feds
Kay Reed
Learn the basics for successful fundraising with individuals
and foundations: who, when, and how to ask. Develop a
strategic plan, choose your targets, hone your message,
create perpetuity.


Thursday Workshops, July 9, 2-3:30pm

Marriage-Friendly Therapy
Bill Doherty, PhD
Marital therapy is a challenge. Learn about the essential
skills and values of a good marital therapist and about an
exciting new resource for locating these therapists in your

Internet Sex Addiction
Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
Porn, the #1 seller on the internet, has become extremely
damaging to marriage. Learn to recognize the symptoms and
to prevent and help overcome addiction to internet sex.

Love Without Hurt
Steven Stosny, PhD
Learn how to use this approach in marriage education settings
to help overcome entrenched resentment, anger, verbal and
emotional abuse BEFORE you try to teach communication skills.

Sudden Impact: Help in Just 20 Minutes
Dave Currie, PhD
You get stopped after a seminar and asked a question by a
hurting spouse.  What can you do in just moments of 'hit and run'
help? Learn tips for quick, yet quality, marital education.

The Second Half – TOOB
Claudia and David Arp, MSW
Teach empty nesters to reinvent their marriage, avoid divorce,
and make the rest the best. Great for mentor couples to teach
in church or community. Bonus "Dates for Empty Nesters" material.

Dating and Marriage: 4 Keys to Success
John Buri, PhD
Help singles/singles-again understand the essentials of a
working partnership, myths that undermine success, & tools to
choose wisely. Understand selfism, locus of control, & growth buds.

Reptiles in Love
Don Ferguson, PhD
Normal mind/body defenses protect us in danger, but can
damage intimate communication. Teach couples to self-soothe
and, then, use higher brain functioning, empathy, humor, and creativity.

Infidelity Recovery Strategies
Rick Reynolds, MSW, MPA
Learn to identify the motivations of both hurt and unfaithful
spouses and help them develop empathy, stop intrusive thoughts
and endless questions, and reach forgiveness and healing.

Stepping Together for Stepfamilies – TOOB 
Brian Higginbotham, PhD
Learn key strategies to supplement any marriage education
program or create a stand-alone class for stepcouples and
children. Information for work with ethnic minorities.
Love: What Everyone Needs To Know – TOOB
Pat Love, EdD, Jon Carlson, PsyD
This engaging 23-part, DVD & research based series provides
everything you need to teach marriage from A to Z. Multi-cultural.
Experience segment #1: Why Marriage is Worth it.

ScreamFree Parenting – TOOB
Hal Runkel, MS, Neil McNerney, MEd
Teach parents a simple method to help them quickly understand
and master how to reduce their emotional reactivity to their
child's behaviors. Based on Bowenian family-systems concepts. 

Who Am I and Who Are You?
Galena Rhoades, PhD
Learn how PREP is introducing personality testing like The
Primary Colors Personality Tool to build understanding &
acceptance in marriage. Myths, research, and tools you can use.

The Third Option – TOOB    
Pat Ennis, MSW and a mentor couple
Give couples a THIRD option – not endurance, not divorce.
This enrichment/crisis group program is ongoing! Couples
attend when and as needed. Self-contained manual – easy to implement!

Sex and Romance in the Biblical Marriage – TOOB
Hon Jim Sheridan, JD, MBA
Scripture describes marriage as a relationship between
equals filled with passion and love. Learn how to put this
into practice with disagreements, sex, and the realities of
lifelong marriage.

Teach Teens, Reach Parents, Change Communities!
John Van Epp, PhD, Gregg Hunter, Renee Thompson
Teach the PICK program to not only give teens relationship
skills but also to reach parents with a corresponding seminar and
transform entire communities. Diverse & minority settings.

Basic Training: Men, Women and Marriage – TOOB
Rozario Slack, DMin, Nisa Muhammad
Two straight-talking curricula developed in the crucible
of the Black experience. Teach Black men and women the
principles and skills to create and sustain successful marriages.

Successful Marriage Ministries
Andrew Boswell, DMin, Terry Northcutt
Too many marriage ministries burn out through well-intentioned
but frenzied activities. This comprehensive, lay-led approach
provides services to couples at every stage and level of need. 

Genograms – TOOB
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Easy-to-use tools explore family patterns (cut-offs, legacies,
addictions, etc) that influence relationships plus 5 exercises
to strengthen love and commitment.

Marriage Tech Boot Camp
Marc Payan
We can't change the world unless we reach it! Learn to use
the latest low/no cost tools to appeal to 21st century wired
couples through Ning, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Widgets, etc.

Marriage Education and Health Care Reform
Jana Staton, PhD, Patty Howell, EdM, Lara Rezzarday, MPA
Marriage Education is the missing link in Health Care reform.
Make the case to national & local leaders with programs,
resources, and research about what can work in a health
care setting.


Friday Workshops, July 10, 10:15–11:45am

Sherod’s Squares
Sherod Miller, PhD
Get to the heart of a relationship in two minutes with this
powerful, engaging non-verbal technique. Use in classes or
clinical settings for uncannily accurate assessment and intervention!

De-Mystifying the Relational Space
Hedy Schleifer, MA
Seven principles and practices will change the way you
think about relationships and help you guide couples to
embrace differences, harness passion, and deepen connections.

Infinite Relationships: Expanding Options
Don Ferguson, PhD
The most successful marriage programs engage one’s
highest reasoning abilities, curiosity, & creativity. This program
mixes education, retreats, and therapy to tap infinite possibilities.

Relationship Enhancement (RE)
Rob Scuka, PhD
Teach couples how to access deep empathy to build connection,
intimacy, openness, trust, and love while creating mutually-satisfying
solutions to their most challenging issues.

The First Dance: Wedding Prep – TOOB
Bill Doherty, PhD, Elizabeth Thomas
Wedding planning often involves complex, conflicted couple &
family dynamics. Learn how to plan a “family-systems” wedding
that will lay a solid foundation for life-long marriage.

The Essential Humility of Marriage
Terry Hargrave, PhD
Stability, security, and sincerity are the "right stuff" that help
couples move past "me and my happiness" to the respect,
reliability, and sacrifice that produce solid marriages and secure kids.

Ecstasy Without Guilt
Joe Beam
Understand the inherent causes of “low” and “no” sex marriages
and an approach to help more “conservative” couples find excitement
and fulfillment.

Rethinking Infidelity
Esther Perel, MA
Explore the meanings of affairs (past, present, fantasized or real)
and the complexities of marriage, sex, and monogamy as you help
couples rebuild trust and intimacy and turn crisis into opportunity.

Stepcouples: Me or the Kids?? – TOOB
Carri Taylor, Gordon Taylor, MFT
After the fantasy of courtship, reality sets in – delivered by
the kids, ex-spouses, money, and ‘no time for us’. Teach couples
to master the challenges, reclaim the territory, and prevent re-divorce.

The 50-Year Plan – TOOB
Richard Albertson
Give couples a powerful start with a comprehensive program that
includes a new, affordable inventory, workbooks, communication
skills, finances, and mentoring.

The Marriage Course – TOOB
Derek and Cathy Rust
This practical, DVD-based dinner format is easy for lay couples
to teach, transforms & strengthens any relationship (married or
cohabiting), and draws couples in “like magic”.

Domestic Violence: To Screen, Or Not To Screen?
Scott Stanley, PhD, Anne Menard, Patrick Patterson, MSW, MPH
That’s just one question marriage & relationship educators must
ask.  How do we best protect – and serve – couples?  Lessons
learned in the PREP program plus tools & guidelines from the NHMRC.

For Better and For Ever: Mentor Training – TOOB
Robert Ruhnke, DMin
Recruit and train couples in your church to mentor the engaged
in communication, responsibility, and family-of-origin issues.
Catholic (also Spanish) Protestant, and secular editions.

Why Knot? Marriage-Readiness for Men – TOOB
Erik Vecere
This program addresses the negative beliefs and attitudes
many men hold about marriage and moves men and single
fathers to a positive “readiness” view of marriage.

Mars Venus Coaching
Rich Bernstein, Melodie Tucker
Understand the differences between coaching, consulting,
and therapy, the benefits of coaching, a variety of coaching
processes, and how to join the worldwide Mars Venus Coaching team.

The Circle of Contentment – TOOB
Clarence Walker, PhD, Ja’Ola Walker, MEd, DD
Work with African American marriages using this 3-part
Bible and research-based program in church or community
settings – intimacy retreats, skills, skits, music, & group

Marriage Education con Limón
Frank Fuentes, Rolando Díaz-Loving, PhD, Alicia La Hoz, PsyD
Understand the cultural values, roles, and beliefs that are
important to Latino couples and how to add Hispanic-focused
supplemental modules to your healthy marriage programs.

Divorce Reform Legislation Strategies
John Stemberger, JD, Bryan Fischer, MS, Mike McManus
Reform No Fault in cases of minor children with mutual consent
and a presumption of joint custody that could slash family breakdown
by 50%. Learn what's being done across the country.

Relationship Skills: Doing Time
Judge Jim Sheridan, JD, MBA, John Van Epp, PhD, Kelly Sigler
Ex-offenders with successful intimate relationships are
less likely to re-offend. Learn about teaching PREP and
Pick-A-Partner skills to inmates and how to sell this idea
to local officials.

Marriage: Corporate America’s Business?
Jeff Fray, PhD, Julie Baumgardner, MS,
Gary Oliver, PhD, Matthew Turvey, PsyD
Research makes the case: employees with healthy marriages
are more productive. Learn what HR executives say they need
and how marriage educators can deliver. Corporate examples.

Friday Workshops, July 10, 2:15–3:45pm

Untangling The Web of Jealousy
Lori Gordon, PhD
Jealousy highjacks our thinking brain, causes developmental
regression, and destroys love. Use the unique insights of the
PAIRS Jealousy Loop & Tool Kit to tame the green-eyed monster.

Soul Healers Leaders Training – TOOB
Beverly and Tom Rodgers, PhDs
Practical, easy-to-learn tools for professionals or lay mentors
to help couples face even the most difficult, on-the-brink problems:
adultery, addiction, abuse or other deep wounds.

Sherod Miller, PhD
Learn to facilitate this new cost-effective, web-based inventory
for premarital and marital self/partner relationship awareness
& conversation. Part 2 training online at your convenience. Usually
$85, here it’s FREE.

The Prayer Journal - TOOB
Scott Stanley, PhD, Tera Hurt, PhD, Regero Sampson, MSW
Create powerful, lasting change by engaging deeper meaning
systems. Use with individuals or couples, in counseling or education,
as an add-on to any program, in any setting: couples, men’s groups, etc.  

Can This Conflict Be Resolved?
Susan Heitler, PhD
Most couples have issues they disagree on over and over again.
Some experts suggest just accepting the differences. Learn
to help couples aim higher and bring all their conflicts to win-win.

Couples: The Strongest Link
Joe Hernandez, PhD, Michele Hernandez, MA
The best tools from decades of Family Wellness work with at-risk
families, applied to helping couples feed their romance, be playful,
and get the most out of marriage & family life.

Married Sex for Men
Michael Metz, PhD, Barry McCarthy, PhD
Ten things men need to know to deal with the common problems
– low desire, porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, premature
ejaculation – to build a healthy, pleasurable sex life.

Rebuilding Intimacy After An Affair
Doug Snyder, PhD
This 3-stage approach helps couples contain turmoil, understand
the factors contributing to the affair and impeding recovery, and
take specific steps toward individual and relationship health.

African American Stepfamilies – TOOB
Sheila Austin, PhD, Bishop G.F. Austin, DD
Most black couples with children (married or unmarried) live in
stepfamilies. Adapt programs to meet their unique challenges.
Lessons from an HMI project with low resource families.

The Power of Play
Elaine Braff, MPS, Hal Braff, JD
Play is the secret ingredient to marital satisfaction. Learn
exercises and tools to add to any marriage program to help
couples make play an everyday part of their marriage.

Resiliency in Families: The Stress Antidote
Scott Haltzman, MD
Bad things can happen to even the best families. Use the Resiliency
Survival Kit and The Secrets of Happy Families survey to teach
families how to bounce back from whatever hits.

WAIT Training: All About ME – TOOB
Shelly Donahue
Teach teens & young adults to reduce drama, chaos and
poverty by empowering them with partner selection & marriage
ed skills in a fun interactive program for high school & college.    

Marriage Mentoring: 12 Conversations – TOOB
Ed Gray, EdD, Rhonda Gray
Mentoring is easy! Learn the 4 basic approaches. Teach the
narrative, story-telling model and organize a mentoring
program for your church, community, or military. Available in Spanish.

Boot Camp for New Dads
Bob Ruthazer, CFLE
Rev-up your Marriage Initiative with an acclaimed father-to-father
program – with lessons for implementation: marketing, funding, connecting to
the medical community, and media coverage.

Ready For Love
Mary Ortwein, MS
This program designed to meet the needs of singles or solos
(those whose partners won't attend), includes mate selection,
expectations, boundaries, abuse, etc.  

Forgive Me, Forgive Me Knot
Rick Marks, PhD, Don and Angie Power
Forgiveness is essential to relationship healing. This model
identifies irrational beliefs (Forgiveness Knots) and teaches
the Firstone intervention to help couples heal.

Fatherhood and Marriage Education
Gil Coleman, Rita DeMaria, PhD
This program combines responsible fatherhood and healthy
marriage education for delivery to low-income, urban couples
and was designed based on interviews with fathers and providers.

Parenting Grandchildren
Carri and Gordon Taylor, MA, MFT
Six million kids are being raised by grandparents. Teach
couples how to realign roles, lifestyles, finances, and retirement
expectations and enjoy their marriages while raising incredible kids.

Taking it to the Streets
Gena Ellis, MS
Adapt any marriage education program to relate to the Hip Hop
Generation (ages 14-35). Use music & movies to build rapport
and create waiting lists through word of mouth buzz!  

Does It Work?: Evaluation
Steven Harris, PhD, Andrew Daire, PhD
Anyone doing marriage education should track results and
measure outcome. Learn about both the process and instruments
– surveys, focus groups – proven successful in a variety of settings.

Saturday Workshops, July 11, 10-11:30am

The Love Path
Joe Beam
Learn how this visual model and a dynamic group process
help married couples understand how to fall in love all over
again whether in crisis or simply in search of deeper satisfaction.

Community Marriage Policies (CMPs)
Mike and Harriet McManus
Learn how to organize a CMP in your area by creating
Marriage Savers Congregations that train Mentor Couples
to drastically reduce divorce and cohabitation rates, and
increase marriage rates.

Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It!
Pat Love, EdD, Steven Stosny, PhD
Learn an approach that combines brain research and a set
of brief behaviors guaranteed to strengthen marriage. Best
of all, men can do it without feeling they have to behave
like women.

Secrets of Happily Married Women
Scott Haltzman, MD
Help wives become energized and find contentment in the
face of the challenges of balancing feminist ideals, traditional
roles, work, self, kids, and well-intentioned advice about having it all.

Try To See It My Way
B. Janet Hibbs, PhD
Fairness is the key to a happy, lasting marriage. Help
couples solve the ancient question of “what’s fair?” in 21st
century marriage, with insights from neurobiology and relationship

The Marriage Garden – FOOB
Wallace Goddard, PhD, James Marshall, PhD
Easy to teach, innovative, flexible, FREE curriculum based
on new discoveries in positive psychology. Includes 6
lessons and supporting exercises.

Sexual Bargaining: From Lysistrata to Sarah Palin
Larry Little, JD, Alister Dobbie
Help couples learn how to identify toxic sexual bargaining
and replace it with mediation-based skills that will lead
to a satisfying, partnership marriage.

Beyond Affairs: Prevention and Recovery
Anne and Brian Bercht
Help couples not only recover from infidelity, but make
their marriage even stronger and how to establish a BAN
recovery support group in your community. ’08 SM Impact Award recipient.

Family Expectations
David Kimmel, PhD, Jay Otero, & host couple
This highly successful program uses irresistible strategies
to attract, retain, and provide marriage ed to low-income
married and unmarried couples as they prepare to welcome their babies.

Teaching Marriage to Undergrads
Arthur Nielsen, MD, Frank Fincham, PhD, Janette Borst, MS
Learn how to make marriage courses interesting and
meaningful in the lives – and future marriages – of students.
Bring your ideas and curricula to share.

The Couple Checkup
Peter Larson, PhD, Matthew Turvey, PsyD
Add this research-based online assessment to improve
premarital (dating, engaged, cohabiting), married, or
remarried programs. Free Discussion Guides, Leader's Guide,
& Group Reports.

TIME for a Better Marriage – TOOB
Don Dinkmeyer, PhD, Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD
This affordable, easy–to-teach, 10-week or weekend
format teaches the core marriage skills with humor and
daily dialogue guides built in. Use in clinical work or couples

Ethics Part I: Confidentiality
Mary Ortwien, MS, Rita DeMaria, PhD, Greg Brock, PhD
How do you keep a couple’s personal business confidential
in ME classes?  What if you learn of abuse or dangerous behavior? 
Learn guidelines for handling confidentiality dilemmas.

Healthy Marriage/Healthy Church
Jay and Laura Laffoon
Marriages are the backbone of communities & churches. This
12-month, affordable, internet-based training presents 5 "E"-ssentials
to develop & sustain a successful mentor-based ministry. 

Active Parenting Makes Strong Marriages – TOOB
Michael Popkin, PhD, Merrilie Rackham, CFLE
Parenting stresses marriage. Learn how to add effective, easy-to-teach
parenting education to your marriage classes to bring couples in the door.

Reaching Men
Lorraine Blackman, PhD, and Indiana Marriage Coalition panel
Teach men how to make their good thing better: Lessons from
re-entry, addiction and fatherhood programs using the African
American Marriage Enrichment programs for couples and parents.

Adoptive Parents
Nate Cottle, PhD, CFLE, Jennifer Reid, MS, Patricia Polega
Each year, thousands of couples adopt high-risk children.
Lessons learned in a 5-year study on how to adapt marriage
education to meet the special needs of these at-risk,
deserving marriages.

Building a Culture of Responsible Choices – TOOB
Natalie Jenkins, Lief Noll, PhD

Recruitment: Lots of Pot and Food!
Kelly Roberts, MS, Scott Roby, Matthew Munyon, MS, Ryan Carlson, MA
You’ve built it; they aren’t coming. Get practical tips based
on research, internet analysis, and grant project experience
that will help any program maximize workshop attendance - legally!

Grant Writing 101
Dennis Stoica, MBA
Understand the fine points of grant writing in order to qualify
for government and private foundation marriage money.

Saturday Workshops, July 11, 2-3:30pm

10 Great Dates – TOOB
Claudia and David Arp, MSW
This widely-used program for churches & communities
combines fun with marriage skills & opens doors for other
programs! Latino, Korean. Official Fireproof Partner & FREE
Fireproof Date.

The 10 Rites of Passage
Charles Lee-Johnson, MSW
This abstinence, fatherhood and marriage education
program teaches at-risk youth responsibility to self, family
and community with a focus on long-term life goals.

Helping Boomers on the Edge
Terry Hargrave, PhD
Boomers face enormous challenges: caring for aging parents,
adult kids moving home, and being unable to afford to retire.
Explore solutions to help strengthen marriages in these trying times.

Learning Sobriety Together – FOOB
William Fals-Stewart, PhD, Gary Birchler, PhD
This program works with couples together – the drug/alcohol
abuser and spouse – to improve communication skills, build
cohesion, and both promote and maintain sobriety.

Journey to Love for “Singles Again” – TOOB
MP Wylie, PhD
Whether divorced, widowed or ending a relationship, success
rests on healing the past and wise choices. Learn critical steps for
defining/finding what you're really looking for in life and a partner.

Divorce Prevention: Controlled Separation
Elsie Radtke, MEd
Help stalemated couples restore their marriage using time-limited
guidelines, assessment, contracts, and “active waiting” skills that
put children first and avoid extended-family trauma.

Blending Sexual Meanings
Michael Metz, PhD
Heal couples fractured due to problems with male sexuality: porn,
strip clubs, etc. by integrating sexual meaning more deeply into
the marriage to strengthen cohesion and promote intimacy.

Torn Asunder: Mending Infidelity – TOOB
Dave Carder, MA
This model provides a structure to stabilize marriages in the
crucial first 90 days; skills to differentiate types of infidelity
and to start forgiveness and trust building; plus homework.

709 Teenage Stepkids
Elizabeth Einstein, MA
Stepfamily adjustment is hardest for teens – and their parents!
Learn to work with their developmental double binds of
autonomy and bonding – all liberally sprinkled with hormones.

Warm Things Up!
Katherine Robredo, MSW, Maureen Griner, MA
Learn to be a great marriage educator with 20 icebreaker
activities to enliven any class and enhance group learning.
Plus tips on adult learning styles and dealing with difficult people.

Infertility: Hope and Healing
Montse Casado-Kehoe, PhD, Nadia Humphreys, MA 
Infertility can devastate and destroy a marriage. Help couples
understand and manage the emotional, financial, spiritual,
psychological, and sexual stress, conflict, and decision making.  

Special Families, Special Needs
Susan Blumberg, PhD

Ethics Part II: Boundaries
Mary Ortwein, MS, Rita DeMaria, PhD, Greg Brock, PhD
Explore commonly occurring marriage education scenarios;
the pros and cons of a range of solutions; and how to avoid
sliding down the slope into unintended ethical violations.  

At The Movies
Tom Rinkoski, MEd, CFLE
Watch clips and learn how to use movies and TV in your
marriage education sessions to illustrate points, engage
participants, and catalyze discussion.

Facing Financial Hard Times Together
Linda Miles, PhD, Robert Miles, MD
Use the concepts from Behavioral Finance and Positive
Psychology to help couples approach financial decision-making
and problem solving as a team. 

It's Never Too Late: The Crossroads of Divorce
Bill Doherty, PhD, Alan Hawkins, PhD, Tamara Fackrell, JD
Learn the lessons from two innovative approaches that
work at reconciliation with couples who have already filed
for divorce using education, team, and community-based supports. 

Happily UnMarried
John Curtis, PhD
Over 60% of couples cohabit before they marry, while
some will choose never to marry. Explore ways to re-think
cohabitation and help cohabitors strengthen their relationships
and families.

Heart Rhythm Practice
Jana Staton, PhD, Dan McMannis, MEd 
Teach couples a new way to reduce stress, heal old wounds,
increase trust, optimism and connection by synchronizing heart,
body & brain in a positive, energetic state. Couples welcome.

Partner with Cooperative Extension
Ted Futris, PhD, CFLE, Wallace Goddard, PhD
This vast network of educators and researchers offers free
to low-cost programs and information and are obvious partners
for your community, marriage-strengthening, coalition-building

Cultural Lens
Alexandra Flecky, MA, Goli Amin, MSW
Culture affects everything in marriage – especially
communication and conflict styles. Test your own lens and learn
to adapt programs to fit diverse populations and intercultural marriages.

Smart Marriage & Family Expo® - Seminars

Saturday July 11, 2009, 4 – 5:30pm

Learn the latest techniques to fight fair, turn conflict into intimacy,
rekindle passion, really talk to your kids, improve your odds of
success and happiness – all under the skilled guidance of the country’s
top experts. Attend alone or with a partner.

To register for the seminars:
If you are registered for the conference or for one-day Saturday, the seminars are included,
just make your Seminar selections when you register for the conference.

Or, you can attend only the seminars: $15 per person or purchase tickets for guests
using this Seminar Registration form.

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Arrive early and browse the 100+ marriage & relationship exhibits.
Hot Latin Lovers: Latino Marriage
Joe Hernandez, PhD, Ana Morante, MFT
We know the stereotypes: Latinos are passionate, the men don't
communicate, women are more mothers than wives. Learn to use
our strengths to make our marriages nuestro "Vinculo mas Fuerte".    

Win Your Wife’s Heart Forever
Scott Haltzman, MD
If we can build skyscrapers and land on Mars, we can also figure out
how to succeed at marriage. Eight Secrets From Happily Married Men
on how to win – and keep – the prize. For men only.

Engaged? – TOOB
Richard and Elizabeth Albertson
Congratulations! You’ve found your partner. Now learn specific skills
that will get you off to a smart start and guarantee a happy, satisfying
marriage that will go the distance.  

How To Avoid Marrying A Jerk – TOOB
John Van Epp, PhD
Great marriages begin long before the wedding. Learn the 5 keys to
successful mate-selection, and how to avoid the "love is blind"
attachment-syndrome. For singles, or single again.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Families
Durelle Price
Have fun while you learn seven habits to strengthen your partner
and parent-child relationships and make a permanent difference
for you and your family. Kids 9-18 attend free.

10 Great Dates for Black Couples – TOOB
Rozario Slack, DMin, Angela Slack, MD
This program combines fun dates and marriage skills – and appeals
to men! Based on the proven insights of the Arp’s 10 Great Dates
program. Teach in your church or community.

Marital Sex As it Ought to Be
Barry McCarthy, PhD
When it's good, it’s great. When it's bad or non-existent, it's a
bummer. Learn what it takes to have great marital sex – intimate
and erotic – and how to prevent and resolve sexual problems.

The Marriage Boot Camp Experience
Ron and Tina Konkin
We learn best by having fun! These games & drills will help you
quickly understand and resolve unfinished business and begin
enjoying your marriage in the here and now. As seen on TLC.

Remarriage Prep: The Second Time Around – TOOB
Carri and Gordon Taylor, MA, MFT
Learn how to identify your non-negotiables – often overlooked
in courtship – and the ten key steps to the development of
intimacy & trust, both crucial to the success of any remarriage.

The Art of Couples Play
Keith Hackett, DMin
Experience how play can improve your relationship – help
solve conflicts, have better sex, communicate, and bond.
Learn how to create your own Playshop.

The PAIRS Experience
Matthew Munyon, MS, Suzanne Mitchell
Whether you’re engaged, married or remarried, these easy,
enjoyable skills are guaranteed to kick your relationship up a
notch: Relationship Roadmap, Daily Temperature Reading, Good Will Umbrella.

Money Habitudes: The Last Taboo – TOOB
Syble Solomon, MEd
Play cards with the Money Habitudes card deck and gain instant,
life-changing insights into attitudes about money.  Attend alone,
with a partner, or kids (12 or older).   

The Marriage Turnaround
Mitch Temple, MS
Common marriage myths lead to distorted thinking and
marriage-destroying behaviors. Get a thinking tune-up and
take your marriage to higher ground.  Faith-based.

Children of Divorce: Change Your Odds!
Beverly Rodgers, PhD, Tom Rodgers, PhD
According to research, children of divorce are less likely to
marry, and if and when they do, face higher divorce rates.
Learn important steps to change the odds.

The Mother-In-Law Conundrum
Leanne Braddock, MEd, MA, Ileene Huffard, EdD
We all know the mother-in-law relationship is critical to happy
marriages. Even in the White House! Add your tips to those
gathered from 1,000+ folks about how to get it right.

Love’s Cradle
Andrea Gibbs, MA
Your love for your newborn plus easy-to-learn couple skills can
help you build trust and commitment and the kind of relationship
your baby can count on, forever. Married or unmarried, expecting
or new parents welcome.

Are You Media Ready!?
Dave Currie, PhD, Christie Rayburn
The media calls.  Are you ready?  What does a great radio/TV
interview look like? What's the best way to promote your book? 
Your cause?

Healthy Marriage = Healthy Women & Girls
Patty Howell, EdM, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
What do we want? Healthy Marriage! What do we need? Healthy
Marriage! Learn why Healthy, Stable Marriage should be the rallying
cry for the women’s movement and for anyone who cares about women’s
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