These workshops & Keynotes will be recorded live at the
14th Annual 2010 Smart Marriages Conference and will be available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

P-7 Saturday, July 10, 3:45pm
Keeping FAITH (Families and Inmates Together in Harmony)
Ron & Cathy Tijerina, Sherod Miller, PhD
This nationally recognized “promising practice” prison
reentry program for incarcerated fathers
combines Couple Communication and Fatherhood
skills to reduce recidivism by 62%.

Training Institutes highly intensive, skills-focused - will not be recorded. 

102 Three Days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, July 6, 7, 8
Active Relationships Military Training 
Kelly Simpson, MA, Anthony Landry, MA      
Assist Military singles, marrieds & families! Leave certified in 6 programs: Military Life &
Resiliency Skills (singles or couples), Active Families, ARYA (Youth), Active Adults (civilian
Singles, Dads & Moms), Active Choices (Pre-Marital) and Active Marriage. Spanish and
Christian editions. Active Money also available. $150 spouse discount.
See Advanced Training #916  Click for more information:

108 Two Days - Wednesday & Thursday, July 7 & 8
PREP: Winning in the Workplace
Tim Gardner, MA, DMin, Jack Myrick
Qualify to teach the proven methods of the PREP program in this curriculum that addresses
the unique challenges of teaching relationship skills in the workplace.
Expand your audience.
Help companies improve communication, teamwork, conflict management, job satisfaction, cultivate
energized and collaborative employees and increase workplace efficiency and productivity.  

$100 spouse discount. Click for more information:

110 Two Days - Wednesday & Thursday, July 7 & 8
CompassionPower Boot Camp & Love Without Hurt
Steven Stosny, PhD
Qualify to teach the intensive 3-day Boot Camp to reduce anger, resentment and
emotional abuse
as well as the "Love Without Hurt" 8-hr program to add to any marriage
education course - designed to recognize & prevent domestic violence and child abuse.
These programs include emotional regulation skills that make it easier to learn marriage skills.
If you don't want to teach the classes, use the skills in clinical work or any setting. SEE
Institute #909.  $100 spouse discount.
Click for more information:

114  Two Day - Wednesday & Thursday, July 7 & 8
The Blueprint: A Guide to Family Stability & Economic Success
Joe Jones, Cassandra Codes-Johnson, MA, James Worthy,
Center for Urban Families (CFUF)
Qualify to teach healthy relationship & marriage skills, financial literacy and family planning
to urban families and leave equipped with expertise in program planning, implementation,
and sustainability. $100 spouse discount. Click for more information:

909 Two Day - Monday & Tuesday, July 12 & 13
Keeping FAITH (Keeping Families And Inmates Together in Harmony)
Ron & Cathy Tijerina, Sherod Miller, PhD
Teach this prison reentry program
that combines Couple Communication and fatherhood
skills to reduce recidivism by 62% – and create safer communities. $100 spouse discount. See Institute #111.
Click for more information:

WORKSHOPS: July 9 - 11, each 90 mins long: 

Facebook and Marriage
Jason and Kelli Krafsky
300 million people use Facebook. Take your program
to the masses by tapping its free & low-cost marketing
tools.  Plus learn how to help couples protect their
marriages from its dangers.                  

Through Sickness
Hank Sibbing, JD, MS, Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD
Illness can strike any time, but as we age sickness
increases and marriage becomes less about fun and
romance and more about survival and coping. Learn
crucial deep love practices to help couples deal with
these life changes.

Army Community Covenants
Michael Strohm, MDiv, Laura DeFrancisco,
Kelly Simpson, MA, Elizabeth Carroll, JD, CFLE
Strong marriages and families make for a strong
fighting force. The Army can’t do it alone. Learn how
civilian marriage & community programs can provide
support, especially with Guard and Reserve, but also
with active duty families.

Mindful Way Through Alcohol Abuse
Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD
The Mindful Way, through tools like breathing
and "urge surfing", helps couples and families
achieve balance & learn either to use alcohol in
moderation or maintain their goal of abstinence. 
Asian-American Marriages
Paul Wu, PhD, MSW, MDiv
Understand the inter-cultural differences that
lead to conflict and a model of marriage mastery
that includes skills, spirituality, small group
Before the Falls: Divorce Reconciliation Project
Bill Doherty, PhD, Don Gordon, PhD
Divert divorcing couples using an online program
that teaches conflict resolution & cooperation skills
and engages attorneys and counselors who encourage
and teach the steps to reconciliation.

Marriage Education con Limón
Frank Fuentes, Alicia La Hoz, PsyD,
Joseph Hernandez, PhD, Enid Reyes
Understand the challenges, cultural values,
roles, and beliefs important to Latino couples
and how to strengthen Latino marriages in your
Internet Sex Addiction
Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
Porn, the #1 seller on the internet, has become
extremely damaging to marriage. Learn to
recognize the symptoms and to prevent and
help overcome addiction to internet sex.
Marriage Education Online – Expanding Our Reach
At the Crossroad - Alan Hawkins, PhD, Brian
Higginbotham, PhD, Tamara Fackrell, JD - FOOB
This FREE intervention helps couples evaluate
the possibility of repairing their marriage even
after they've filed for divorce.
Doing It In Your Pajamas - Abigail Hirsch, PhD
Power of Two has harnessed webinar technology
to create small, highly-engaging, interactive online
marriage education classes.

Relationship Education and Health Care Reform
Jana Staton, PhD, Jennifer Baker, PsyD
Make the case: Relationship Education is the
missing link, essential to prevention – reduces
child maltreatment & teen risk behaviors, increases
safe, stable two-parent families & improves outcomes.

Marriage and Depression
Dennis Lowe, PhD, Emily Scott-Lowe, PhD
Marriages in which one spouse is depressed are
nine times more likely to divorce. Teach couples
to identify depression and the skills and resources
to help them cope effectively.
Domestic Violence: To Screen, Or Not To Screen?
Scott Stanley, PhD, Anne Menard, Patrick Patterson, MSW, MPH
That’s just one question marriage & relationship
educators must ask. How do we best protect –
and serve – couples? Lessons learned in the PREP
program plus tools & guidelines from the NHMRC.
Fine Tuning TOOBs
Brant Dykehouse, MSW, Tatyana Fertelmeyster, MA
Learn how small adjustments to existing curricula
can adapt them to fit participants' culture, literacy,
family diversity, and orientation needs.
You don’t
need to reinvent the wheel, realign it!
From Board Room to Family Room
Alicia La Hoz, PsyD, Nadia Persun, PhD
This experiential, easy-to-teach curriculum helps
employees learn conflict-resolution and communications
skills for use at work and home to improve quality
of life and quality of work!

Grant Writing 101
Dennis Stoica, MBA
Understand the fine points of grant writing in order
to qualify for government and private foundation
marriage money.

Military Couples and EFT
Kathryn Rheem, MS
Use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with
couples impacted by 21st century war to help
them understand the trauma-induced shut-down
in their interpersonal relationships, and to reconnect. 
Divorce Prevention: Controlled Separation – TOOB
Elsie Radtke, MEd
Help stalemated couples restore their marriage
using time-limited guidelines, assessment, contracts,
and “active waiting” skills that put children first and
avoid extended-family trauma.
Special Needs Children
Laura Marshak, PhD, Fran Prezant, MEd
Marriages with special needs children face higher
rates of distress and breakdown. Learn key
guidelines & specific strategies to help them
stay connected.
Prison Re-entry Programs
Teach marriage, relationship, & fatherhood skills
to strengthen families and reduce recidivism, plus
how to sell the idea to local officials; funding and evaluation.
Keeping FAITH (Families And Inmates Together in Harmony)
- Ron & Cathy Tijerina
Inside/Out Dads - Ken Gosnell, MDiv, MA - TOOB
PREP & Pick-A-Partner in Michigan prisons - TOOB
- Kelly Sigler, Jim Sheridan, JD, MBA

Skills for Immigrants and Refugees
Goli Amin, MSW
Culture affects everything – especially communication
& conflict.  Learn how to work with couples/families
from around the world. Innovative free tools, including
materials for Hispanic families.

Infertility: Hope and Healing
Montse Casado-Kehoe, PhD
Infertility can devastate and destroy a marriage.
Help couples understand and manage the emotional,
financial, spiritual, psychological, and sexual
stress, conflict, and decision making.
Healthy Lifestyles = Healthy Relationships
Pamela Holtzman, RN, MSW
There’s lots more to it than communication skills.
Learn nutrition, exercise, and stress management
“skills” that are proven to reduce burnout &
depression and increase happiness, well-being,
& love.

The sessions below were recorded live at the
13th Annual 2009 Smart Marriages Conference and are available on
DVD, CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

Strong Bonds: Helping Those That Serve
Scott Stanley, PhD, Michael Strohm, MDiv, MS,
Howard Markman, PhD
Learn how the Army is strengthening marriage, exciting
research about what works, new PTSD findings, and how
the research will inform future work with young military
and civilian couples.

Marriage Education and Health Care Reform
Jana Staton, PhD, Patty Howell, EdM, Lara Rezzarday, MPA
Marriage Education is the missing link in Health Care reform.
Make the case to national & local leaders with programs,
resources, and research about what can work in a health
care setting.

Divorce Reform Legislation Strategies
John Stemberger, JD, Bryan Fischer, MS, Mike McManus
Reform No Fault in cases of minor children with mutual consent
and a presumption of joint custody that could slash family breakdown
by 50%. Learn what's being done across the country.

Relationship Skills: Doing Time
Judge Jim Sheridan, JD, MBA, John Van Epp, PhD, Kelly Sigler
Ex-offenders with successful intimate relationships are
less likely to re-offend. Learn about teaching PREP and
Pick-A-Partner skills to inmates and how to sell this idea
to local officials.

Marriage: Corporate America’s Business?
Jeff Fray, PhD, Julie Baumgardner, MS,
Gary Oliver, PhD, Matthew Turvey, PsyD
Research makes the case: employees with healthy marriages
are more productive. Learn what HR executives say they need
and how marriage educators can deliver. Corporate examples.

Adoptive Parents
Nate Cottle, PhD, CFLE, Jennifer Reid, MS, Patricia Polega
Each year, thousands of couples adopt high-risk children.
Lessons learned in a 5-year study on how to adapt marriage
education to meet the special needs of these at-risk,
deserving marriages.

The 10 Rites of Passage
Charles Lee-Johnson, MSW
This abstinence, fatherhood and marriage education
program teaches at-risk youth responsibility to self, family
and community with a focus on long-term life goals.

Learning Sobriety Together – FOOB
William Fals-Stewart, PhD, Gary Birchler, PhD
This program works with couples together – the drug/alcohol
abuser and spouse – to improve communication skills, build
cohesion, and both promote and maintain sobriety.

It's Never Too Late: The Crossroads of Divorce
Bill Doherty, PhD, Alan Hawkins, PhD, Tamara Fackrell, JD
Learn the lessons from two innovative approaches that
work at reconciliation with couples who have already filed
for divorce using education, team, and community-based supports. 

The sessions below were recorded live at the
12th Annual 2008 Smart Marriages Conference and are available
on CD or MP3 at 800-241-7785 or at

CDs $15.95 each or order 12 or more and they're $12.50 each.
Downloads are $9.95 each (no shipping!)

Keynotes avialable on DVD - $29.95:

Active Military Life & Resiliency – TOOB
Kelly Simpson, MA, Janie Illing, MA
Created in collaboration with military communities, this
skills-based program addresses the challenges of
reintegration for singles and couples and provides
resilience-building tools.

Take Back the Family Turf
George Doub, MDiv, Captn Richard Vasquez,
Christina Yee, Dan Rodriguez
Learn how to use the Family Wellness skills program
to help communities and families take back the turf
from gangs, build skills, put parents back in charge, and
support healthy family living.

Marriage in the Wilderness
Fred Dodini, PhD, MSW, Ezekiel Sanchez
Learn how to conduct an outdoors program to provide
couples and/or families with unforgettable memories,
insights, and practical tools to develop & sustain loving,
committed relationships.

Healthcare Connection Strategies
Jennifer Baker, PsyD, Duane Nelson, MS,
Carolyn Curtis, PhD, Don Ferguson, PhD, Jana Staton, PhD
Learn how to provide marriage & relationship education
in health care settings – Relationship First Aid Kits, ob-gyn
connections, PPT for busy docs, and training health care
providers for brief interventions.

Military - a few highly recommended sessions:

> 757-002
> Opening Keynote Plenary Session - Strong Bonds: Hearts United Lessons From the
> Front
> Chaplain Peter Frederich
> John Van Epp   
> War places extraordinary stress on the bonds of marriage and on those that
> work with military couples. What are the lessons learned in the compressed,
> intense crucible of war - in the brief and precious moments of pre and post
> deployment - that can help all couples everywhere value, cherish, commit,
> connect, maintain, support, and love - with all their hearts.

> 759-218
> Strong Bonds: Helping Those That Serve
> Scott Stanley, PhD, Michael Strohm, MDiv, MS,
> Howard Markman, PhD
> Learn how the Army is strengthening marriage, exciting
> research about what works, new PTSD findings, and how
> the research will inform future work with young military
> and civilian couples.

> 758-210
> Active Military Life & Resiliency – TOOB
> Kelly Simpson, MA, Janie Illing, MA
> Created in collaboration with military communities, this
> skills-based program addresses the challenges of
> reintegration for singles and couples and provides
> resilience-building tools.

> 755-415
> PICK a Partner
> John Van Epp; Pete Frederich; Ted Futris
> Learn how the Army uses the PICK Program (aka How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk) to
> impact the attitudes and knowledge of single soldiers about marriage and mate
> selection.

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